Mackenzie Bourg Dishes on His Return to Music and His New Feel-Good Track, 'Good Day'

After a nearly two-year-long break from making music, singer-songwriter MacKenzie Bourg is back with the rousing "Good Day," and we think it might be our favorite track yet.

The song is catchy, inspiring and puts all of MacKenzie's talents as a writer, vocalist and musician on full display. So what exactly did MacKenzie learn during his musical hiatus, and what's coming next? We got the opportunity to ask MacKenzie all of these questions and more in the interview below.

MacKenzie Bourg 'Good Day' press image
(Photo credit: Malarie Zaunbrecher)

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "Good Day"?

MacKenzie Bourg: At the end of a session, Jordan Frye started playing a ukulele and started a voice memo. I hummed the melody and never thought twice. Two weeks later, we made "Good Day" in about 30 minutes. I wish they were all that easy!


SH: What does the song mean to you?

MB: "Good Day" to me was important. A lot of the following songs on my project are sad and very honest but so is this one. Life isn't always "do do do's" and a catchy beat—sometimes it sucks—but finding someone to help you through it is what makes it all worth it.


SH: What are some of the things you do personally to ensure that you have a good day?

MB: I think being in the sun and playing golf (my new quarantine hobby), spending time with my loved ones and getting late-night dubs with the boys in Warzone is the recipe for my "good day."


SH: What does it mean to you to return to releasing music after a two-year break? What have you learned about the craft, and yourself, during that time?

MB: Honestly it's weird. I've never been great at the internet, and I know sometimes I get in my head too much, but I think so much time off allowed me to really be honest with myself and my songwriting.


SH: How is the feel of this song different from what you've released in the past?

MB: This is definitely one of the more upbeat songs I've ever released or written and it is also the most fun. Jordan Frye, who produced it, really listened to me when I had ideas and always gave them a shot whether my ideas were good or bad. Nonetheless, "Good Day"came out perfect.


SH: What is your favorite lyric from the track?

MB: "Everything's alright when I got you by my side," because there are always going to be times you don't feel right, whether it be with your mental health or going through anything in life… having someone that makes you forget how rough it might be sometimes is really special.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

MB: I think the music video for "Good Day" is the coolest thing I've ever made and I can't wait for everyone to see it.


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