Every Fun Fact You've Ever Wanted to Know About Singer-Songwriter MacKenzie Bourg

Singer-songwriter MacKenzie Bourg is back with his latest release "Playlove."

Sweety High chatted him up this week, and here's every fun fact you've ever wanted to know about this handsome and seriously gifted guy!

#MCM MacKenzie Bourg

(Photo credit: Malarie Zaunbrecher)

Full Name: MacKenzie Richard Bourg

Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana

Birthday: Sept. 11

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. His two most-watched movies are Fight Club and The Lion King.

2. He loves to mix and match pieces in his wardrobe. Currently, he's obsessed with tracksuit pants.

3. His grandma makes him laugh harder than anyone.

"She's an absolute savage."

–MacKenzie Bourg

4. He's a big Disney fan and his all-time fave character is Stitch.

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5. If he could live in any other decade, it would be one hundreds of years in the future.

"So I could be alive when they start exploring space!"

–MacKenzie Bourg

6. He adores small pups. I mean, if you don't, you're probably not human.

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7. The last celeb he got totally starstruck over was Andrew 3000.

Check out his "Playlove" video below:


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