Need More Dance In Your Life? Maddie Ziegler Should Be Your #WCW

If you know dance, you know Maddie Ziegler. Every dance video from the 12-year-old Dance Moms star is stranger and more beautiful than the last, and she's secretly our #WCW in our hearts every week. Here's why she should be yours, too.

Maddie Ziegler has basically been dancing and wowing audiences her entire life. We don't really believe she was only 7 in this vid.

And if you never caught Maddie on Dance Moms, you probably know her from Sia's "Chandelier" music video. It takes pure talent to get 830 million views.

We kind of lost it when Maddie was Sia's Mini Me at the Grammys.

Skip this one if you can't deal with scary movies! Maddie Ziegler's appearance on Pretty Little Liars was totally terrifying. She is so good that those moves just don't seem like they can be made by a human.

And then Maddie took a drastically different turn as a violinist on Austin & Ally. If you needed a palate cleanser after she gave you nightmares in the last clip, this is it.

Still freaked out? Maddie's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," backed by Josh Groban on Dancing With the Stars, will get you back on track. Plus, it  deserves repeat viewings.

But Maddie is much more than a bundle of ridiculous talent. She's also the sweetest ever, and a massive supporter for the Starlight Children's Foundation, which helps seriously ill children around the U.S. 

We'd say that fashion designer extraordinaire Betsey Johnson knows talent when she sees it. Maddie is the new face of Johnson's dancewear line, and the outfits are just as stylish as Maddie's moves.

Maddie was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award this year in the "Choice Dancer" category!

Can't get enough of Maddie? Let us know why she's your #WCW in the comments below. Also be sure to leave your suggestions for our choice next week, and click here to find out why Laura Marano should be your woman crush this Wednesday, too!