Made In the USA Lyric Video by Demi Lovato!

Demi Lovato's latest single, which dropped Thursday, is complete with a brand new Made In the USA lyric video!

While the video doesn't feature the artist, as many recent lyric videos have done, it still does its job and tells a story in the process.Made In the USA lyric video

Much of the video shows a low angle from behind what seems to be the tractor in the center of a bustling circus with fluttering circus tents and a man on tall stilts.

The video also features a massive ferris wheel and fire breathing!

We're super curious about whether there's a deeper connection between this lyric video and the song. Perhaps the lyric video was filmed on the set of the actual music video?

Will the romance-filled music video take place atop a giant spinning ferris wheel? We can't wait to see if our theory is correct when the real music video releases! Check it out here!