Madeon Tells Us All About Performing at Coachella in 2022

Coachella weekend one was a whirlwind and full of some incredible performances, with one of our favorites being Madeon.

The EDM artist is a French musician and DJ who had a packed crowd dancing along to every beat. Madeon kept his fans happy by playing some of his most popular hits, resulting in one incredible set. We had a chat with Madeon following his Coachella performance, and he told us all about what went down.

Sweety High: What makes performing at Coachella different from any other festival?

Madeon: Coachella is iconic. In France, where I grew up, everybody knows about it even though it's held on the other side of the world. Artists tend to bring their A-game, the stages are massive and the lineup is always incredible.

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SH: What song was the most fun to play?

Madeon: There is a new song called "Gonna Be Good" that I haven't even released yet but that I played at Coachella. During the show, I perform it 18 feet up in the air on a narrow lift and it's so so so fun. I'm surrounded by visuals made specifically for the lift to create special illusions and I love how it turned out. Seeing the crowd from up there is really moving.


SH: What is your favorite memory or experience from performing at Coachella?

Madeon: I decided to fly my parents in from France at the last minute so they could see the show and I shouted them out at one point, and this massive crowd started cheering for them, it was surreal.

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SH: Who was your personal favorite performer at Coachella?

Madeon: I haven't seen everybody I've wanted to see yet, but I'm gonna stay the whole weekend for weekend two. Of the artists I've seen so far, Stromae was the highlight!


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