I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled my whole life finding jeans that fit just right.

Nothing ever seems to fit—either the denim is too tight on my thighs or there’s way too much fabric at my waist. And taking jeans to the tailor is never fun—plus, it’s expensive! A number of my friends have told me about Madewell over the years and sworn by their denim, saying it was their fave brand for jeans, so, when the brand reached out to me about trying a pair, it seemed like a sign! Keep scrolling for my full and honest review of Madewell’s perfect vintage straight jeans.

The Brand

Madewell is known for its jeans for both men and women. A lot of its other products are made with its jeans in mind—essentially, anything that pairs well with them! Whether it’s a jacket, blouse, shoes, jewelry—you name it, they’ve got it.

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The Jeans

The Perfect Vintage Straight Jean in Cosner Wash: $128

Madewell’s The Perfect Vintage Jeans have been best-sellers for five years running, and this year, they decided to give the product an update. The style now comes with a high waist and a straight leg, which is a combination I personally love. I already have a few pairs of blue jeans I like, so I decided to opt for the cosner wash, which is basically a dark grey.


(via Madewell)

Typically, my jean size is a 4 or 6, or a 27 or 28, so for this fit, I decided to get a 27. I was surprised to find they were a bit too big! A size 26 would have been way better for my liking, but that’s because I like the top of my jeans to be tight across my belly. If you’re into a baggier fit, I’d say to get your normal size. But if you’re like me and prefer the waist to be tight, definitely size down.

And don’t get me wrong, even though they didn’t fit how I typically like, I still decided to give them a chance. I wore them out to dinner and for once didn’t feel the need to unbutton my pants after eating (lol). I wore them with a vintage graphic tee and some converse and felt comfy and cute all night long. And after wearing them for a few hours, I noticed the waist started to give in, making them even baggier in the process (which is why I think most people will want to size down).


(via Madewell)

The style is honestly meant to be like this, but as I said, it’s not my typical go-to. However, I’ve since found I’m totally okay with this new look! It gives off some major Cindy Crawford circa ’90s vibes, and I love it. The jeans are effortlessly chic and make my butt look good, too! I truly have no complaints and have found myself reaching for the jeans time and time again.


Bottom Line

After trying out The Perfect Vintage Jeans from Madewell, I can honestly say this pair of denim is amazing. The quality is high, the fit is comfortable and the color is perfect for fall. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing these to the pumpkin patch come October.


(via Madewell)


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