Madi Lee Shares Her Love of Singing!

13-year-old Madi Lee has big dreams of becoming a famous singer, and with her YouTube channel and tens of thousands of dedicated fans, she's already halfway there!

We interviewed Madi to learn all about her history of singing and about who and what has inspired her to get so far!

Madi has been singing since before she can remember. She used to follow her mom around the house and sing her heart out.

"I was very little," she said. "Probably one. I feel like it was just in me, and I never stopped."

Her parents shot a video of her singing, and she's been doing it ever since. Her father knew a vocal coach, and had him evaluate her voice.

"He told my dad 'Keep her singing and don't let her stop'" Madi said.

After that, her parents followed that advice, and Madi never stopped loving singing. She started serious training of her voice about two years ago.

Madi started performing onstage by trying out for plays. Even early on, she blew people away with her vocal talents!

Her videos first went up on YouTube because her parents wanted to share Madi's singing with out-of-town relatives.

"Somehow, other people out there found it, and they really liked it!" Madi explained. "I was shocked, but it was pretty cool that strangers heard me sing and really liked it. So we decided to post a few more, and it just kept growing from there."

Madi Lee chooses the songs she will cover with the help of her voice coach. Depending on the technical vocal skill Madi and her coach are working on, they'll pick different songs.

"I love all kinds of music, so it's really fun for me," she said. "As far as the videos I learn lyrics very quickly, so I know what the song is about and then I work with my mom and my sister and we come up with ideas for the videos."

Once the video is filmed, Madi works with her mother and her sister to edit the video together!

To date, Madi has acquired more than 74,000 subscribers on her YouTube page. Madi said she never expected the response she's gotten.

"I have to say I have been totally shocked by all the amazing people out there," Madi said. "They are so nice and supportive and I read all kinds of stories from people, telling me about how my songs, either made them happy, or cheered them up, or reminded them of someone from their past in a good way. Or that I'm an inspiration to them, I just LOVE it. I love hearing from people, I love reading the stories and comments and messages. It's just awesome."

Madi is an accomplished singer, but she also loves to act, dance, and have fun in general! She's also an art lover, and loves to test her creativity whenever she can.


She has a number of musical inspirations.

"I like so many singers, like Anastacia, Lea Michele, and Demi Lovato" she said.

While many of Madi Lee's role models are singers, her biggest inspiration is a different kind of role model.

"My role model who is not a singer is definitely my mom," Madi said. "She works full time, and helps me train everyday and also helps with every video. Not sure what I'd do without her!"

Madi Lee has managed to build a huge following based on her talent and charisma. She encourages other girls to try to do the same.

"I would tell people that if they love to sing then just do it and have fun with it," she said. "You can't let negative comments or mean people get you down. If it's really your passion then it does take a lot of practice and hard work, but if in the end you're happy doing it, then that's what's important.

"I'm just a 13 year old girl that loves to sing and have fun. I love hearing from all of you so keep the comments coming and if singing is your dream, make it come true!"

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