Madilyn Bailey Shares Her Musical Story!

Madilyn Bailey is a YouTube sensation whose bubbly personality and remarkable voice have helped her build a loyal fan base of more than 750 thousand subscribers!

We spoke with Madilyn Bailey about her musical past, about her recent trip to perform in Singapore, and more!

Madilyn Bailey

Madiyln Bailey is known both for beautiful covers and innovative original songs, such as "Crescent of the Moon" and "Bad Habit."

"Covers are a way to take music and put your own spin on it," Madilyn explained. "I look at the billboard charts to see whats new. Then I pick songs that I like from those."

Madilyn has already released a series of compilations of covers on iTunes, starting in February of 2012. Earlier this year she released the 5th volume of cover tracks!

"I think Covers Volume 5 is doing very well," Madilyn said. "I hope people are enjoying the music!"

Madilyn is already hard at work recording Volume 6!

Madilyn also recently reached a huge milestone when her YouTube channel racked up 100 million views.

"I am still amazed that so many people are enjoying the music!" Madilyn said. "I was so excited when my first video got 100 views, so now with 100 million views… I am very thankful!"

Madilyn's brilliant singing has helped her build a fan base from all across the world. Just last month, Madilyn traveled to Singapore to perform in front of her fans there!

"Singapore was a mixture of work and just… FUN!" Madilyn explained. "I loved meeting the people from Singapore the best! They were so receptive and friendly to me!"

In Singapore, Madilyn got to meet a whole new group of fans. She loved performing in front of such a different group of people.

"I had so much fun singing for them!" she said. "Their reactions as a crowd were loud with excitement! They made my time there very special!"

While in Singapore, Madilyn gave the crowds a taste of two new original dogs that will appear on her upcoming original album!

"I can't wait to share them with the world," Madilyn said.

But Madilyn doesn't just sing. She also keeps up a vlog on YouTube so that fans can get to see a side of her that is hard to show in her singing videos.

"As you may have noticed, I don't talk a lot on my music videos," Madilyn explained, "so, I thought a vlog channel would be a way for people to get to know me."

Madilyn decided that since she loved sharing music with people so much, she should share some of her life with them in the same way.

"I am always learning how to be comfortable just being my goofy self," she explained. "I think we are all learning to show on the outside who we are on the inside."

Recently, Madilyn has worked with fellow YouTube icon Ali Brustofski, and the two have become good friends. Check out our interview with Ali here!

In the past, Madilyn has collaborated with artists including Ali Brustofski, Chester See, Jason Chen, and Alex G. Someday, she hopes to collaborate with artists including Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis. We don't think she's too far from that goal!

Madilyn has a number of musical inspirations.

"Michelle Branch is my all-time favorite and one the the biggest influences," Madilyn said. She's also inspired by more contemporary artists, including Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey.

In the future, we can expect to hear a lot more original material from Madilyn.

"Covers are fun, but I can't wait to share more of my own songs!" she said.

She also wants to do more tours, not just to see more places, but because it allows her the opportunity to meet her fans!

"I want to express how thankful I am to have such sweet people reaching out through the music!" Madilyn said. "Thank you all for making this music journey so much fun! I have the best support from you out there!"

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