8 Madison Beer Lyrics to Use as Instagram Captions

We're definitely starting to think Madison Beer writes her lyrics specifically for Instagram.

Scroll through and see for yourself if you don't believe us. She has a lyric perfect for every photo.

For the pic of you on a gorgeous summer hike:

"You could be here, but you're there. You could be anywhere."

"Dead" by Madison Beer


For the oh-so-adorable selfie of you rocking out:

"My heart is a beating drum, repeating my favorite song."

"Melodies" by Madison Beer

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For the super sweet shot of you and your S.O. at the beach:

"Feels like I'm in a dream. I don't wanna wake up. Think we're meant to be. My heart skipping a beat to magic mystery."

"Something Sweet" by Madison Beer


For that post-breakup selfie you know your ex will see:

"I hear melodies in my heart, hear melodies in my head. I had the beat a bit wrong but I got a new song now."

"Melodies" by Madison Beer


For the scenic snap of you with your back to the camera:

"Show me the best things are free."

"Something Sweet" by Madison Beer


For a seriously fierce squad meet-up photo:

"We're gonna shout it out to the edge of the world, we're unbreakable!"

"Unbreakable" by Madison Beer

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For the group snap of you and your girls getting ready for a night out:

"Tonight we're gonna leave our fears behind. We're in it together, stepping out and we're letting our spirits fly. Stay fierce forever."

"We Are Monster High" by Madison Beer


For the money shot of you laying in the grass at a festival:

"I am me. There's nothing that can break me. I'm telling you I am free. There's nothing that can hold me."

"Unbreakable" by Madison Beer


Madison's lyrics are perfect for every pic, but when in party mode, THESE are the song lyrics you totally need to use as captions!