Madison Beer and peta2 for Valentine's Day!

14-year-old Madison Beer is well known for her 2013 track "Valentine" featuring Cody Simpson, but this year she wants you to be your dog's valentine!Madison Beer peta2

Madison teamed up with peta2 to record a PSA all about the importance of adopting cats and dogs, taking care of your pets and speaking out when animals are in trouble!

"It's really important to speak up for animals because they don't have a voice of their own and they can't speak up for themselves," she explains in the video.

She reminds us all how important it is to report cruelty to animals to an adult or to the police.

Madison also chats about her three adorable dogs Yogi, Booboo and Lola, and that pets are fun but they're also a responsibility. Most of all it's important to take care of and love your pet!

She also reminds people to adopt their dogs and cats and always remember to spay or neuter them to keep more stay animals off the streets!

What will you do for your dog or cat on Valentine's Day? Tell us in the comments below and share your pet pics with us at Sweety High!