Madison Deaver Chats Musical Inspiration and More!

Madison Deaver is an up-and-coming singer, dancer, and actress whose musical talents have helped her covers to go viral!Madison Deaver

We chatted with Madison in a recent interview about what it means to be a triple threat!

"I've just always loved to sing it's always been a big thing in my life," Madison Deaver said.

Singing also runs in Madison's family, as her mother also used to sing in high school.

One of Madison's biggest inspirations is Demi Lovato.

"Musically she has such a nice tone and a broad range," Madison explained.  "On a personal level I think she's so strong and inspirational and I love how she's so honest about her struggles."

In fact, Madison would someday love to collaborate with Demi Lovato, as well as Ariana Grande.

Madison is best known online for her amazing singing abilities, and her tendency to put a unique twist on popular tracks.

"I usually pick a song I really love or am obsessed with at the moment," Madison explained. "I like to put my own spin on things like adding runs or changing the harmony."

On top of her singing, she also dances competitively, and takes dance classes.

"I take jazz, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary," she said. "It's really fun and helps me with my performing."

Madison is also an actress, who recently had her first lead role in a short film called Short Sale.

"I'm really passionate about becoming a performer," she said.

When she's not hanging out with friends, she usually spends her free time honing her singing, acting, and dancing skills.

Becoming successful takes a lot of hard work, Madison says. She recommends that other aspiring musicians never give up on their dreams.

"Just keep going at it," she said. "It's hard but I know it will be worth it in the end."

Currently, Madison is working on some new original songs, which she hopes to release soon!

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