Kamari Swim Designer Madison Martina Shares the Keys to Her Unique Sense of Style

Have you ever felt less-than-great in a swimsuit that just wasn't suited for you?

Madison Martina knew this feeling well. Growing up in Florida meant swimsuits were a regular staple in her ensembles, even if ill-fitting pieces often hurt her confidence and self-image. That's precisely why she created Kamari Swim, working as a designer to make swimwear built for comfort as well as mobility, flattering every type of body. Their pieces are on-trend and fabulous, as well as functional, which is why we wanted to learn everything there was to know about Madison and her bold sense of style. Read her interview below to find out everything we discovered.

Madison Martina: Real Girls, Sweet Style

(via @madisonmartina)

Name: Madison Martina

Instagram: @madisonmartina

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Fun Facts:

1. Madison first became interested in fashion during the Juicy Couture tracksuit and knee-high socks era.

"Also dressing my Bratz dolls when I was younger made me obsessed with fashion. I loved their style."

-Madison Martina

2. She describes her personal style as very casual.

"I do like dressing up and wearing dresses, but I prefer to be comfortable. I would much rather wear some type of low-rise or baggy pants and a top with sneakers."

-Madison Martina

3. Hailey Bieber is one of her biggest fashion inspirations.


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4. She's wanted to work in the fashion world from a young age.

"When I was younger, I was always obsessed with dressing up, styling my Bratz dolls and trying to make them unique outfits; fashion has always been something I wanted to dabble in."

-Madison Martina

5. Her swimwear brand, Kamari, was created in response to a lack of swimsuits that suited her needs.

"What made me take the leap to do this was a bad experience modeling for a swimwear brand. I didn't like how these suits fit me and I realized a lot of suits don't complement my body type very well. My main goal with Kamari was to make cool, unique styles with fun prints and colors that you can be comfortable in and embrace your body."

-Madison Martina

6. When she's in a rush, she likes turning to baggy pants with a crop top and Jordans, or matching sweatsuits.

7. Her mom has been a guiding light her entire life.

"I like to believe my mom gives me the best advice, and I take everything she tells me to heart."

-Madison Martina


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8. Her purses and shoes are her favorite things in her closet.

"Purses and shoes can be timeless. They gain value over time. It's always a plus when you don't see anyone else with the same bag or shoes as you."

-Madison Martina

9. At the moment, she'loving the parachute pants style trend.

"Hailey Bieber put me on this trend and I'm obsessed!"

-Madison Martina

10. Madison knows the importance of being so much more than just a pretty face.

"I would love people to know that you can be bold, smart, and beautiful while running a successful business. It's possible to check all of the boxes and be multifaceted!"

-Madison Martina


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