Get The DUFF Star Mae Whitman's Style In 5 Easy Steps

Mae Whitman is the star of the hilarious teen comedy The DUFF, hitting theaters on February 20. She shared all of her favorite style essentials with us so you could try them out, too!

The Duff star Mae Whitman shares her style essentials

The DUFF star Mae Whitman shares her style essentialsWhat's your go-to makeup essential?

1. I'm really into rosewater facial toner sprays in my purse to freshen up, and I am never without my Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper Chapstick.

Hair essential? 

2.It changes as my hairstyles change – but I could rule the world with five bobby pins.

Favorite accessory? 

3. My champagne bucket friendship necklaces with Lauren Graham and Miles Heizer.

What's your favorite pair of shoes? 

4. My canvas handmade worker boots from Als' Attire in San Francisco.

What one item do you never leave home without? 

5. A sweater! I'm always insanely stressed I am going to be caught in the wrong temperature zone.

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