Why Maggie Lindemann Covered No Doubt's 'Just a Girl' This International Women's Day

While we're passionate about celebrating women all day, every day, we particularly love the attention that International Women's Day gets every year. Our favorite brands go all out, our favorite women make calls to support one another, and our favorite artists even release great music to commemorate the big day.

This year, that includes the ultra-talented Maggie Lindemann, who decided to cover No Doubt's iconic "Just a Girl" for the day. Backed by a single acoustic guitar, it's sleek and powerful, and Maggie's powerful vocals really drives it home. We were honored to get the chance to ask Maggie all about why she chose that song in particular, and what it means to her.

Sweety High: Why did you choose to cover "Just a Girl"?

Maggie Lindemann: Well, first of all, I love Gwen. My mom used to always play it when I was a little girl, and the lyrics are really powerful. I felt it was an appropriate song!


SH: Why do you look up to Gwen Stefani, and what does she mean to you this International Women's Day?

ML: She was a frontwoman in a ska rock band in the '90s. That's sick. She was wearing cool outfits, jumping on tables. She was just so different. I think she is really just a true definition of a strong independent woman. She conquered so much and didn't take crap from anyone. I think that's important.


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