Indie Artist Maggie Rogers Drops Emotional New Song 'On + Off'

Indie goddess Maggie Rogers has gifted us with another emotional new tune this New Music Friday.

But she's not the only artist whose fresh recently released tunes we can't get enough of this week.

Scroll below to listen to Maggie's latest track, plus a few others, and get ready to vibe out!

Indie artist Maggie Rogers on the red carpet

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"On + Off" by Maggie Rogers

Indie artist Maggie Rogers has only released three songs to date, and they just keep getting better and better. We fell in love with "Alaska" almost instantaneously, and this same thing happened with her sincere new single "On + Off" from her upcoming EP Now That the Light Is Fading.


"Wait" by NoMBE

Electric soul artist NoMBE's vocals are smoother than butter, especially on his new track "Wait." And his sincere lyrics are all too relatable, leaving you wanting more from this fellow.


"Hot Thoughts" by Spoon

With its staccato vocals and rhythmic instrumentals, rock band Spoon's new song "Hot Thoughts" will leave you wanting to choreograph your own dance to the tune. It's also one of those tunes you have to listen to a few times to appreciate it to its fullest.


"Cashmere Sweater" by Sultan & Shepard feat. Brezy

We're so happy electronic duo Sultan & Shepard teamed up with Brezy on their catchy release "Cashmere Sweater." We just want to wrap ourselves up in it and listen to it for hours on end. Anyone care to join?


"Don't Need U" by Astronomyy

If you're a fan of Jacob Whitesides, you have to check out singer-songwriter Astronomyy. His groovy and moody tune "Don't Need U" is the song that will definitely kick off your obsession with this artist, so listen to it now!


Check out all these songs on the Spotify playlist below, too:


If you're still looking for more new tunes to check out, head over HERE to listen to pop singer Daniel Skye's latest hit 'On.'