The Magic Candle Company Transforms Your Favorite Vacation Memories Into Scents

Have you ever caught a whiff of an aroma that immediately sent your memories back to a certain time and place? That's exactly the sensation that Magic Candle Company is trying to replicate with their wonderfully scented products.

As soon as I heard about them, I had to find out if their wares could possibly smell as good as they sounded. I reached out to the Magic Candle Company, and they were kind enough to provide me with a few each of their candles and enchanted bath fizzies so I could find out for myself. I've been very happy with the results.

The Products

Magic Candle Company specializes in all kinds of scented products, with each magical fragrance designed to evoke nostalgia for different vacation destinations and attractions. Just one sniff can trigger recollections of your travels, bringing the vacation to you.

Their shop features all kinds of products, including wax melts, air fresheners, fragrance oils, shower melts, enchanted bath fizzes, bubble bath, room sprays and candles. They sent me four 8 oz. candles (retailing for $16.95 each) and four enchanted bath fizzies (retailing at $24.95 for a set of four), to review.




The Experience

Pirate Life Enchanted Bath Fizzer

I began my Magic Candle Company experience by taking a hot bath with the Pirate Life Enchanted Bath Fizzer. As soon as I filled the tub and dropped it in the water, it started effervescing, filling the tub with a pretty blue-green sheen and an amazing smell. Though it mostly reminded me of a sour and tangy fruity candy, the scent also had a hint of salt, reminding me of the air on the open ocean. The resulting water also felt amazing on my skin, leaving it soft and moisturized when the bath was done, which I found to be the case with all of the bath fizzers. After one dip, I can safely say I am all about that Pirate Life.



Haunted Enchanted Bath Fizzer

There was something totally ghostly about the Haunted scent from the moment I opened this bath fizzer, and I was immediately obsessed. This time around, it seemed there was a hint of berry fruitiness to the scent tinged with vanilla, and the bubbliness almost made it smell like a soda. The fizzer also turned the bathwater a spooky purple-grey color, which I found totally befitting of its haunted house scent.



Flying Over Orange Groves Enchanted Bath Fizzer

I was particularly excited to try out the Flying Over Orange Groves bath fizzer, and for very good reason. This one dissolved in the water to leave it with just a tinge of orange color, scenting it with the fragrance or orange blossoms and citrus, with a fizzy orange soda finish. The scent made me feel like I was in the middle of a luscious orange grove on a sunny day and acting as an awesome de-stressor when I was having a pretty hectic and overwhelming day.



Pineapple Whip Enchanted Bath Fizzer

Last but not least, I tried the Pineapple Whip fizzer. After my experience with the others, I wasn't at all surprised to find it was an utter delight. The bubbly scent of pineapples and cream immediately brought me back to eating cool and comforting soft serve on a hot summer's day, and the fizzer brought a delicate gold color to the water. In fact, it wound up being my favorite of the bath fizzers.



Poison Apple Candle

Next, it was time to try the candles that make the Magic Candle Company so famous. I began with the Poison Apple candle, as it seemed like the perfect fall scent.


All of the Magic Candle Company's candles are made from paraffin and soy wax, and have wooden wicks rather than the traditional cotton ones. I'd never seen wooden wicks before, so I was really pleasantly surprised when I lit the small chip of wood and it started crackling and flickering like a log in the fireplace. Not only did it make a comfortingly cozy sound, but it looked beautiful, too. And that wasn't even the best part, because the smell was fabulous. The apple scent rested somewhere between sweet and sour, and the traces of cinnamon and sugar complement it make the perfect bouquet not just for the Halloween season, but all autumn long.



Pumpkin King Candle

With Oct. 31 just around the corner, I decided to light the Pumpkin King candle next. This might be the epitome of fall scents, and I particularly love that it's not the super basic pumpkin spice latte scent, but something a little bit more restrained. The fragrance combines buttery pumpkin with vanilla and just the smallest hint of spice to create something that's more sophisticated than other pumpkin candles, and I am a huge fan.



Splash Candle

Now the Splash candle was one I was very curious about, because unlike the others I'd tried, it wasn't trying to package a scent that's universally regarded as "nice." Not everyone wants a candle that smells like musty water full of loose change, but that's exactly why I love this candle so much. The scent is somehow damp, with a slightly soapy and chlorinated edge that brings me right back to my favorite log rides all over the country. If I didn't have those positive associations, I can't imagine that I'd like it—and in fact, it took a few minutes for the scent to grow on me—but I think it perfectly captures an experience so many of us have shared and that's what makes it so special.



Terror Tower Candle

Very last, I lit another unusually scented candle, Terror Tower. It's slightly musky, smelling of old wood and leather, and its scent suggests a place that's old and full of history, like visiting your grandparents' house. There's something very masculine about the scent, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's quite moody and feels like the perfect background fragrance for a dark room where scary stories are told. It's strong, but not overly so, and it's definitely evocative of a specific time and place.




Bottom Line

Magic Candle Company accomplishes exactly what they set out to do with their fragrances. If you have a favorite vacation memory you'd love to relive in even a small way, I highly recommend checking out their full list of scents and clicking around to see if you can find anything that might bring you back. Their prices are comparable to other candle and bath product brands, so they won't break the bank, and their scents are something you'll absolutely want to experience yourself. After trying out a bunch of their products, my only regret is that I didn't break the fizzers into smaller pieces so they could last longer.

Magic Candle Company four candles


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