10 Magical Cafés Around the World That Have Made Our Bucket List

Magical cafés are all the rage nowadays and we are so here for it.

From unicorns, to mermaids, to marshmallow-everything, themed cafés are popping up all across the world.

If you like eating delicious food in an enchanting environment at an unfamiliar location, you have to take a look at these 10 magical cafés that we've added to our bucket lists.

1. The Unicorn Café in Bangkok

Nestled in the Bang Rak district of Bangkok, Thailand is the beautifully colorful Unicorn Café. The café is all rainbow everything, from the pastel walls covered in murals of unicorns to the extensive menu. Rainbow-colored carbonara, rainbow crepe cake, and rainbow waffles all make the list. Guests are encouraged to hop into a unicorn onesie and cuddle up to the various unicorn stuffed animals while they enjoy their brightly colored treats. If the anti-unicorn trend is not your thing, this is not the place for you.

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2. Alice in a Labyrinth in Tokyo

This Alice in Wonderland-themed café will make you feel like you've been dropped right into the pages of the book—literally! You enter the restaurant through a hallway of oversized book pages that show the original Alice in Wonderland story. The interior is a mixture of giant playing card tables, booths inside enormous teacups, and chairs shaped like rosebushes. On the menu is a dessert shaped like the Cheshire Cat, appetizers that resemble playing cards and much more that will make you curiouser and curiouser about planning a visit.


3. Mermaid Island Café in Pathum Thani

Dreams of being a mermaid can come true in this café in Pathum Thani, Thailand. All guests are offered a mermaid tail upon arrival and ushered into the aquatic-themed restaurant. In a sea of turquoise and pink, you can snack on a mermaid tail cupcake or sip on a brightly colored ombre drink. Ariel would be right at home in this "underwater" paradise.


4. XO Marshmallow Café in Chicago

A little closer to home is Chicago's XO Marshmallow Café + Wonderland. The café has a cute pastel-themed interior, but the real draw is the entirely marshmallow-focused menu. From simple favorites like s'mores, to the mind-blowing invention of a marshmallow taco wrapped inside a waffle shell, this café is a sugary paradise. While you chow down on whatever sweet treat catches your eye, you can gather some inspiration from the variety of positive messages that fill the walls of the adorable space. It may not be diet-friendly, but it's guaranteed to make you happy.


5. Vampire Café in Tokyo

One of the spookiest entries on our list, this café is the perfect getaway spot if you desperately want to live out your unfulfilled Vampire Diaries dreams. The interior of the café is based on Dracula's castle, complete with lighting so dim it may be difficult to see your food. The menu is filled with vampire-themed treats, most of them blood red. A perfect place for vampire lovers, this mysterious café will leave you wondering if vampires might actually be real.

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6. Platform 1094 in Singapore

Not to worry, Harry Potter fans, there is a place for you as well. Platform 1094 tosses you into the heart of the Harry Potter world with a array of long wooden tables, chandelier light fixtures, and witch hats and wands to truly embrace the Harry Potter spirit. Some menu items include the Wizard's Cup and the Elixir of Life, but no matter what you choose to eat, you'll feel as though you've entered the main dining hall in Hogwarts. What more could you ask for?


7. Dō  in New York City

As much cookie dough as we want and it's safe to eat? Sign us up! Dō in New York City serves up slightly chilled cookie dough with pasteurized eggs, so worries about salmonella are a thing of the past. You can choose from a variety of flavors including classic chocolate chip, cake batter, brownie batter, and even Nutella! You can load up your cookie dough cone with all kinds of toppings and create a truly magical, bake-free experience.

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8. The Hello Kitty Café in Santa Anita

Maybe it's her adorable quality or maybe it's that she's a constant reminder of our childhood, but there is something universally lovable about Hello Kitty. The Westfield Santa Anita mall seems to think so, too, because they've opened up the first permanent Hello Kitty Café. While the café doesn't have an official seating area yet, it does have a huge array of sugary and delicious treats. Hello Kitty's signature pink color and oversized bow is a staple at this location, and we can't wait to sample everything on the menu.


9. The Cereal Killer Café in London

If breakfast cereal is your favorite food, look no further, we've found the place for you. The Cereal Killer Café in London is two floors of every cereal you could ever dream of. The owners have sourced cereals from all over the world, including limited-edition boxes. You can choose from 2o toppings to add onto your cereal, and top off your delicious mixture with a colorful pour of milk.


10. The Nutella Café in Chicago

After enjoying all the marshmallows you can at XO Marshmallow, head on over to the Nutella Café, also located in Chicago. The newly opened café is designed to make you feel like you are walking into a jar of Nutella. While not everything on the menu involves the delicious spread, some of the staples include waffles with Nutella, Nutella crepes, and grilled baguettes topped with Nutella. Whether or not you have a sweet tooth, the cool design and cozy environment is worth the trip.


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