Does Your Crush Like You Back? Use One of These 5 Magical Methods to Find Out

Directly asking your crush how they truly feel about you is hard.

Sometimes, we'll go everywhere but directly to the source, in search of any clues that they might like us the same way we like them. But have you tried dabbling in a little divination?

It's the practice of finding unknown answers through supernatural means, and though it's more magic than science, it might be just the thing to help you know if your crush likes you back. If you're ready to try it out, these five simple methods will get you started.

Dowsing Pendulum

One of the simplest divination tools out there is the pendulum. The device consists of a simple crystal on the end of a chain, and though it won't be able to read your crush's mind, it will help you follow your own natural intuition about the situation. Many believe that any answer you get from your pendulum is a response from your subconscious.

You can click HERE for our article on everything you need to know about using a pendulum, or you can follow the simple steps laid out below. Start by getting as relaxed as possible by taking deep breaths and listening to some calming music. Next, form a connection with the pendulum by holding it, gazing at it and putting your faith in it.

Next, you have to find out what your "yes" and "no" are. Dangle the pendulum about half a foot above an outstretched palm and ask some simple yes and no questions. Study the corresponding movements to each question to find out what means yes and what means no.

Lastly, ask it aloud "Does (crush's name) like me back?" The result will help you intuit whether you truly believe the feelings are reciprocated.


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Angel Cards

Angel cards are special decks said to provide us with guidance from angelic beings. Because angels love and protect people, you don't have to worry about channeling negative energies when you use them—which is a big plus!

Using a deck is super simple, but first you want to select one that speaks to you. Before you use the cards, you may want to leave them in the windowsill at night to be cleansed by the moonlight. When you're ready, hold the deck in your hands to sync them with your energy, then figure out the question you want to ask the angels. Angel cards will give you broad, thematic advice rather than answers to yes or no questions, so try situational questions like "How will my relationship with (name) progress?" or "What's the best action for me to take regarding my relationship with (name)?"

Next, shuffle the deck however you'd like, but don't peek! When you feel like you've found a card that's calling out to you, select it and flip it over. Depending on your deck, the card may have a full description or come with a booklet to explain its meaning to you. Apply that knowledge to the question you just asked and see where it takes you next. If you're not satisfied with the answer, just wait a day to hone your angel card question further.

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Teacup divination isn't just a thing in the world of Harry Potter. The practice is called tasseomancy, which involves preparing cups of loose leaf tea, drinking that tea and analyzing the remaining leaves for any telling symbols.

Follow any directions that come with your tea, and use a light-colored teacup for the best visibility. Drink at your own pace while thinking about your crush until the liquid is gone, and then swirl it around a few times to make the leaves settle. From there, see if you can interpret any shapes in the leaves. Once you believe you know what you're looking at, you can consult a tea leaf dictionary, or simply use your own intuition to deduce the meaning and how it relates to how your crush feels about you.


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A Dream Spell

Feeling like doing a little magic? This simple dream spell is intended to help you uncover your crush's true feelings. All you need is a piece of paper and a writing utensil, plus a pillow and a quiet, comfy place to take a nap. Write their name on the paper and place it on your pillow before falling asleep with your crush on your mind. If you can conjure up a dream about kissing them, their reaction is said to let you know their true feelings.


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Scrying is one of our favorite divination methods because it's open-ended and there are so many ways to utilize it. Scrying involves opening your mind and gazing into a reflective surface seeking some kind of psychic vision from a higher power. Many items can be used for scrying, but flat mirrors, crystal balls, fire or pools of water are the most popular.

To do this, look intently at the object and allow your mind to drift away from your conscious thoughts. This is said to open up your psychic eye. During this time, your mind may make sense of indistinct shapes or even show you concrete visions. If you see the face of your crush, that's a sure sign that they have feelings for you, but other shapes might be more open to interpretation. Use your own judgment to discover what these might be trying to reveal about your relationship with them.


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