What's the Deal With 'Magick' Water? Here's What to Do With 9 Kinds

Not that it's scientific or anything, but on occasion, we enjoy injecting a little bit of magick into our lives.

Whether that's meditating with crystals, interpreting the phases of the moon or just reading our horoscope, we see being in tune with that side of life as a form of self-care. Recently, we've been fascinated with the idea that different types of water from different sources can be charged with the energy of their origins, on top of all of the great benefits that the properties of pure water provide.

That means that whether you collect rainwater, gather it from the sea or cleanse water under the light of the moon, it'll have different characteristics aiding in different areas of your life. Unless otherwise noted, this water is used for rituals rather than drinking, and though it must be collected responsibly, it can help to take your spiritual practices to the next level.

If you believe in any kind of magick or spiritual healing, keep reading to find out about nine kinds of water, and what to do with it.

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If you live somewhere that it rains often, it's not difficult to leave out a jar or other receptacle for the collection of rainwater, but in dry locations, rainwater can be a precious commodity indeed. Keep track of the weather so you can be on top of rainy events and you don't miss your opportunity to collect it.

Rainwater is imbued with the energy of the sky and the clouds. Like a cleansing rain, it's said to help with fresh starts. It also has protective energy that can propel much-needed change, allowing people to leave behind the old and achieve prosperity through new growth and clarity.

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While we don't recommend standing outside in the rain during a blustery thunderstorm, you can still collect water from the storm safely in order to harness and guide its turbulent energy. This water is associated with assertiveness and going after what you want. It's used in rituals to encourage confidence and courage in the face of adversity. You have the power to do anything as long as you believe you can do it.

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Not everyone has the good fortune of living in an area where it snows, so if you do, take advantage of the opportunity. Try allowing the snow to fall into your receptacle from the sky and allow it to melt down into water, or pack a snowball with your intentions and the energy of something you want to let go, and let that leave you be as the snowball loses its form. Because of its own change from liquid to solid and back again, snow is also representative of transformation and transition, so this water can be used to help you manifest who you want to become.

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Few things are easier than harnessing the power of the sun in water. You simply have to leave your water on the window sill on a sunny day, and by nightfall, you'll have water imbued with the sun's energy. Best of all, you can even use clean drinking water for this, resulting in a drinkable elixir! Sun water is said to contain the vibrant energy of the sun and is associated with power and life. It's also sunny, bringing optimism, positivity and joy.

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Moon water is achieved by similar methods to sun water, except that you'll probably want to wait for either a full moon or new moon to place the water in your window at night to achieve exactly the results you want. The full moon is symbolic of many things, including celebration and reaping the rewards of your recent efforts. It offers opportunities. On the other hand, the new moon is about recharging, creating fresh starts and leaving behind the negative. Let the water soak in the energies of the moon depending on which of those qualities you need—or collect a bit of both for all eventualities.

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Dew has a long magickal history, but collecting it can be a bit trickier than the other methods described here. Often, gatherers leave a thin rag or handkerchief outside overnight, and return in the morning to squeeze out the moisture to collect the dew. If that's not possible, you can also run your cloth over grass, stones and plants to harvest the liquid that condenses there. Most often, dew is used in beauty and love rituals, but before putting it on your skin, be sure you're not allergic to anything the dew touched. Dew is also said to absorb the energies of the plants, flowers and other objects it falls from, so keep that in mind as you collect for potentially furthering what you can do with it.

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The ever-flowing water of rivers, understandably, is tied to movement and change. Scoop up a jar of water from a flowing river and utilize its energies in order to leave behind a past that's hindering you, and move on to whatever's waiting for you ahead. It's also known to be used in cleansing rituals, as it can wash away the old and help to sweep in the new.

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The salty water of a sea or ocean contains a hint of the vast energy of the life that thrives within it. Salt is known for its feminine energy, which is often used in protection and purification rituals, as well as for banishing bad energy. It heals as well as it cleanses. At the same time, there's also a vastness to this energy. It represents potential and growth, inviting infinite opportunity.

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Crystal elixirs require a bit more research, only because there are so many kinds of crystals out there, each with their own unique properties and energy. Perhaps you want to invite love into your life with rose quartz, grounding with hematite or abundance with aventurine. Let your needs guide you.

Once you have the crystal you desire, cleanse it in the sun or moon, depending on your preference. Then, rest your crystal next to your water and let the energy infusion happen. The crystal doesn't have to touch the water—in fact, it's advised not to mix them, as many crystals dissolve in liquid. The resulting water is versatile and formulated exactly to your needs.

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