How to Make Your First Job Significantly More Enjoyable

Let's face the facts: You're likely to hate your first job.

I mean, nothing says good times like standing on your feet for hours and hours, mopping floors, wearing a silly uniform and having people yell at you all day, amirite?

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While your very first job is unlikely to be one you'll look back on fondly, there are a few things you can seek out before you apply to ensure the experience is significantly more enjoyable.

Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Employees Your Age

The thought of finally having your first job is initially thrilling, but trust us, the excitement quickly wears off. Because the hourly grind is bound to become a bit monotonous, the last thing you want is to be stuck with a bunch of old folks. Be sure to work somewhere you're bound to make a new friend, encounter a pal from school or—most importantly—develop a new crush. Having a person to look forward to on the job is just like seeing that one special face in the class your dread at school.

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2. Some Sort of Built-in Perks or Discounts

Let's face it: Minimum wage ain't pretty. Even if you rack up more shifts than anyone on your team, you most likely won't be rollin' in the dough. That said, working in retail or at a restaurant, fast food joint, movie theater, coffee shop or amusement park may not epitomize glamorous, but there are usually some money-saving upsides—ones that exceed any that you'd receive sitting behind a reception desk all day. Even though going into these types of jobs, it's expected (by both you and the employer) that there will be perks or discounts, you never want to make any mention of it during your interview. That will almost certainly cost you a shot at the job.

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3. Reasonable Closing Hours

As people who have worked at late-night fast food spots, we can tell you our weekend plans were shattered time and time again due to extensive clean-up that led us into past-curfew hours. If you can land a gig that closes its doors at 8 p.m. on weekends, chances are you'll get out at 9 or 9:30 p.m. and will still have time to catch a movie or make it over to a pal's house. This will also ensure you'll be out early enough on school nights to squeeze in a little extra study time.


4. Closeness in Proximity to Your Home

You may or may not have a car, but either way, working a distance from home is a pain. What if you left part of your uniform at the house and need to rush back to get it? What if you're exhausted after being on your feet for your five-hour shift and just want to close your eyes? What if you want to take care of something quickly at the house during your lunch break? And especially if you don't have a car, you don't want to take public transportation or regularly rely on someone to take you to and from a distance.


5. Closeness in Proximity to Your School

Okay, this one is up in the air. If you're a social person with a lot of friends at school, then you'll definitely want to work somewhere you know your peers will bustling through on the reg. That said, if you don'like people from your school, then work somewhere that isn't frequently populated by classmates. If you work near school, you're bound to see familiar faces, and unfortunately you can't just hide in the back every time your arch nemesis walks in.


6. Somewhere That Enhances Your Skills and Caters to Your Personality

If you're a shy introvert, working as a barista or Forever 21 sales-girl isn't the way to go—even if you live for coffee or clothing. If you know you're disorganized, you don't want to be a receptionist or any kind of assistant. If you love animals or kids, look into becoming a dog-walker or babysitter. You'd be surprised at how many job opportunities are out there, even if they aren't the conventional, behind-the-cash-register types. Don't put yourself in a situation that's only going to make you want to quit.


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Even with a discount and a team of young employees, sometimes having a horrible first job is inevitable. Read about how working at a simple ice cream shop turned into a nightmare HERE.