Here's How to Make Doing Homework Less Stressful

Among other things, homework is one of the biggest annoyances when it comes to school.

No matter how much you get done, there will always be more. And it constantly feels as though your teachers don't understand that you have more than one class or a limited number of hours in the day to get it all done. Ugh!

We say relax, because we're here to help. Scroll below for five ways you can make doing your homework way less stressful:


The hardest part about getting down to your homework business is figuring out where to start. When you have so much work to do for all of your classes, it's easy to get overwhelmed and brush off your school work for a more favored activity like watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram. But that will only make things worse. Instead, take a breath and prioritize what needs to get done first. Always start with whatever will take you the most time. Whether that's your math, English or science homework, finishing your most arduous assignment first will make completing the rest of your homework seem like a breeze.

It's also important to know when things are due. Sometimes teachers will assign things in advance to give you a little extra time. If something isn't due for two weeks, don't stress if you can't get to it right away. You still have time. Just make sure you don't leave it until the last minute, however.

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Be Conscious of Where You Do Your Homework

Doing your homework wherever you have access to a TV or your phone isn't going to work out in your favor. You need to do your work somewhere where there aren't too many outside distractions. Try doing your assignments in the kitchen or even at your school's library, if you want to virtually rid yourself of distractions. If there isn't a place like that for you, make sure your TV is shut off and your phone is put away. When you take your break (see following point), that's when you can watch some Netflix or open your BFF's snapchats.


Take Breaks

Don't feel like you have to accomplish everything in one sitting. Your brain cannot handle that. If you feel yourself getting antsy or are having difficulty focusing, take a break. You deserve it. What's important to remember here is that you should always keep your breaks relatively short. Set a timer for five or 10 minutes, do something that puts your mind at ease and then get back to the homework grind. You'll be able to get your homework done in no time thanks to your refreshing break.

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Do Your Homework With Your Classmates

There is strength in numbers. You have to do your homework, but you don't have to do it alone. If you need some extra help, get some of your classmates together to work on your assignments together. You'll all get your homework done so much quicker, especially if you can divide up the work. But don't just copy each other's answers, because your teacher will catch on. Trust us.


Reward Yourself

After you complete an assignment, reward yourself however you deem fit. That could be giving yourself a chunk of chocolate or allowing yourself to open one Snapchat from your bestie. Don't reward yourself with a break, however. Those are two very different things. Take a break when you can't focus. Use a reward to motivate yourself to get something done.

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