G Hannelius's Make Me Nails App For Customized Nail Wraps!

In Sweety High's G Nails series, Dog With A Blog star G Hannelius showed off her chops as an incredible nail artist. With her upcoming app, Make Me Nails, she's bringing that power to her fans by allowing them to make their own nail wraps!g hannelius make me nails app

G co-founded Make Me Nails with Lauren Jones! The free iPhone app, now in the App Store, lets users customize their own unique nail wraps, then order the wraps online!

The nail wraps will be manufactured by MINX Nails, and can be personalized with different images on each nail. Make Me Nails makes you the artist!

To learn even more about the new nail art company, check out their official website here, and follow them on Twitter! For more G Nails, check out the stories below and be sure to join us at Sweety High!