Get The Nails You Always Dreamed Of With Make Me Nails

Earlier this week, G Hannelius appeared in the latest Motivational Mani Monday video from Lynette Cenée to give fans the inside scoop on her upcoming Make Me Nails App. She revealed 7 things about her app, and herself, that we just had to share with you!G Hannelius Reveals Make Me Nails

Update: The app launches April 4!

1. G is SO close to launching her new Make Me Nails app that we can taste it.

G Hannelius Shows Us How the new Make Me Nails app works

2. G shows us exactly how the app lets her customize perfect nail wraps. It looks super simple and we can't wait to try it out.

Look how easy it is to customize Make Me Nails wraps

3. You can even make nails to match your outfit of the day!

G Hannelius matches her manicure to her OOTD

4. G shows off her manicure expertise, perfectly filing down Lynette's wraps.

G Hannelius plays the role of manicurist

5. G has a Make Me Nails phone case. Where can we get one?

G Hannelius's adorable Make Me Nails phone case

6. G reveals her Valentine's Day crushes and draws invisible hearts for them. Any guesses? They're Ian Somerhalder and Eddie Redmayne!

G Hannelius draws hearts for her Valentine's Day crushes Ian Somerhalder and Eddie Redmayne

7. At the end of the day, Lynette has perfect Valentine's Day nails

Lynette Cenée's final perfect Valentine's Day nail manicure

Did you learn anything new in the video? Check it out below and share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We'd also love to see your original nail art at Sweety High.