How to Make Sure You Don't Get Taken Advantage of in Your Relationship

Relationships are all sorts of exciting!

While they're nerve-racking and require you to shift much of your life around, they can be magical and so much fun. That is, if you and your S.O. are on the same page.

Many times, we get so wrapped up in the company of another person that we lose sight of ourselves. Trust us firsthand when we say you absolutely do not want that to happen, as successful relationships stem from sacrifice and give and take. If someone else calls all the shots, are they just in a relationship with themself?

It's okay for one person in the partnership to be more domineering than the other, but ultimately, there needs to be balance. The last thing you want in a romance is to get walked all over. Keep reading for how to make sure you don't get taken advantage of in your relationship.

1. Set Boundaries

The minute you start saying "yes" to everything is when you give up control in the relationship. While of course you want to appease your partner and help when they're in need, when you get in a habit of going along with whatever they say, they assume you'll do anything for them, regardless of whether or not it puts you in a compromising position. By saying "no" when your happiness or convenience is at stake, you're showing them that you look out for yourself, too, and can't cater to their every need. By doing this, they'll know they can turn to other people for certain favors and can't expect everything of you.


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2. Don't Overly Shower Them With Adoration Just 'Cause

Relationships are supposed to lift us up and be a welcome reprieve from the day-to-day stressors in our life. And while you should absolutely encourage your S.O. and be their number one cheerleader, showering them with unnecessary praise time and time again can almost come off like you're desperate for them. Telling them they look good in their new outfit is a lot different than salivating at the mouth while you tell them they're the best-looking person on the planet, over and over. Make your compliments really count—it'll not only make your S.O. respect you more, but it won't make them feel like you kiss the ground they walk on.


3. Make Your Passions and Routines Clear

Relationships are indeed about sacrifice, so your social life and priorities are likely to shift a bit once you're coupled-up. But that doesn't mean you should lose sight of what's important to you. If you love your Wednesday night acting class or your Saturday morning hikes with your girlfriends, you should still do what makes you happy. If you give up your passions and purpose for another person, they'll expect they can get you to give up anything for them. Balance is key. While you may have to readjust certain things, you should absolutely not give them up if they're meaningful to you. Anyone who doesn't support positive influences in your life isn't someone you want to be with, anyway!

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4. Have an Open Conversation About Your Needs and Expectations

For any relationship to be successful, strong communication is key. If you take a passive stance throughout your partnership, of course your S.O. will naturally walk all over you. Don't be afraid to initiate a conversation about what you want out of the relationship and what you will provide on your end. When everything is out on the table openly and honestly, your S.O. will know you mean business and won't stand for any nonsense.


5. Designate Official 'Me' Days for Both of You

Of course you want to see your S.O. as much as possible, but if you spend every waking moment with them, you're setting yourself up for them to be shocked when you propose making other plans. By avoiding them thinking they have you at their disposal, make a plan to do both of your own things at least once a week. Whether it's a self-care day for you to do stuff alone, or it's time to hang with your friends or family, designating one day to be totally apart will let your S.O. know you have a sense of independence and a desire to live an existence outside of just them.

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