5 Little Things That Can Make Your Partner Resent You Over Time

At the beginning of your relationship, it's hard to imagine anything could ever go wrong.

Slowly, however, things may start to shift between you and your partner. Habits that were exciting at first become irritating, and you find that you're annoyed with each other more often than not. Resentment and bitterness build, and before you know it you and your S.O. are broken up.

While you can't stop the decline of every relationship, you can do your best to prevent your partner from drowning in bitterness by recognizing seemingly unimportant actions that will eventually get under their nerves.

Wondering what those might be? Keep scrolling for five little things that can make your partner resent you over time.

Texting Them Constantly

Since it's just so easy to keep in contact with your partner 24 hours a day, texting them constantly seems like the natural path. After a while, however, your need for constant communication can become annoying, particularly if you demand that they maintain a level of never-ending contact with you in return.

Receiving constant notifications on their phone from you can be irritating enough, but if you also demand that they respond to each of your many texts within a 10-minute time period—well, things probably aren't going to last. People have their own lives, and it makes sense that your S.O. doesn't want to feel like they're forced to be buried in their phone at all hours of the day. After a while, all that contact can lead to feelings of resentment, which means that a breakup isn't far behind.

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Involving Your Friends in Every Aspect of Your Relationship

Of course you're allowed to keep your friends updated on the state of your relationship. You can even vent to them from time to time about the annoying things your partner does. However, if your friends are practically honorary members of your relationship, it's probably going to build resentment in your partner after a while. Inviting them to everything you and your S.O. do together, spilling every private conversation you've ever had and asking for advice before you make every decision are all indications that your friends are a bit too involved in your romance. Your S.O. is dating you, not your friends. Keep your pals involved, but make sure some parts of your relationship stay between you and your partner.


Posting Everything on Social Media

Ah, social media—the new monster that has the potential to ruin your relationships. Social media etiquette within your partnership is tricky. As a general rule, however, posting everything you and your partner do together is going to get annoying. Much like having your friends too involved in your relationship, posting your every interaction for all the world to see invites the general public into your romance. If your S.O. feels like they don't have a private space for just the two of you, they're guaranteed to become resentful after a while. Post about your S.O., but make sure you keep the really private stuff offline.

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Being Unreliable

Reliability is so important in a relationship. Not only because your partner needs to know they can count on you, but also because it's deeply frustrating to try and hang out with someone who you can't count on to actually show up. Pushing the time, cancelling plans or constantly arriving late might be cute and even endearing at the start of your relationship, but after a while your S.O.'s inability to depend on you will become a barrier in your relationship. Unreliability is frustrating on so many levels, so try to curb your bad habits before you breed resentment in your relationship.


Making Fun of Your Partner in Public

Poking fun at your partner can be a bit tricky, especially if you're a couple who likes to joke around with each other. While it's not bad to push their buttons a little bit, you have to be careful about the circumstances you're in when you do it. Even if your S.O. knows you're only kidding, making digs at them in public places can be embarrassing. If that kind of behavior becomes a habit, it could lead to tons of resentment. Your jokes might be all in good fun, but remember that your partner still has feelings. Be careful of making fun of them too often or too loudly in public, as the potential embarrassment they might feel could lead to tons of bitterness over time.


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