6 Ways to Instantly Make Yourself More Attractive

We all want to be seen as "attractive," but it's really all relative.

What makes someone attractive to one person might not make someone attractive to another. However, there are a few things that we can all agree instantly make a person more appealing.

Keep scrolling to discover six things you can do to make yourself more captivating to all.

1. Smile

Flashing your pearly whites at all hours of the day makes you seem more approachable. Your crush probably won't come up to you if they only see you frowning or looking upset. Flash a simple smile the next time you see them in the hallway, and they'll most likely come up to talk to you.

To be clear, you should smile because you want to. And if anyone tells you to smile more often, you have our permission to roll your eyes, laugh in their face and not smile for the rest of the day.

Girl smiling at camera while brushing a piece of hair from her face

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2. Be Nice

Being a generous and caring individual will make you insanely attractive. After all, how can you not fall for someone who isn't the sweetest human on earth? It's nearly impossible. Toss around some compliments like it's nobody's business. Listen to your friends or classmates complain when they just need to vent. Volunteer. There are so many things you can do to make this world a better place, all while making yourself that much more attractive to your crush.


3. Wear Red

A bold color, red has the power to draw everyone's attention towards you when you sport it. All eyes will be on you the next time you show up to an event wearing red, especially your crush's. So throw on a red dress or some scarlet shades!

Girl wearing a red dress and red sunglasses while standing in front of a white background holding red heart-shaped balloons

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4. Walk With Confidence

Speaking of walking into a room, make sure your presence is known by strutting your stuff with plenty of confidence. No hunched shoulders or looking gloomily down at the floor. Hold your head up eye, stick your shoulders back, perhaps throw on a pair of heels and work it. Showcasing conviction in your body language will bring great admiration from your peers.


5. Treat Your Body With Respect

While being nice to others is insanely attractive, so is being nice to yourself. You have to love yourself first before you love anybody else. That starts by treating your body with respect. Eat healthy foods, exercise every now and then and compliment yourself every single day because you deserve it.

In this day and age, it's easy to get down on yourself for not looking like an Instagram model. Hate to break it to you, those models don't even look how they appear on your feed. Love your body the way it is and you will go far, trust us.

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6. Be Authentic

This goes without saying, but don't be afraid to be you. So often we try to be someone we're not to impress our crush, but that doesn't work. Just like you can tell when someone is being fake, your crush knows when you're just playing a part in attempts to fit into their life better. Don't do that! Embrace your weirdness and what makes you unique and showcase that to the world.


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