What Makes You Most Angry in a Relationship, Based on Your Love Language

Love languages hold the key to resolving many of your relationship woes.

While the zodiac has tons of insight into your habits, your love language can be equally as revealing. Feeling unappreciated and uncared for? It probably has something to do with your love language.

Looking to learn more about yourself? Keep scrolling to find out what makes you most angry in a relationship, based on your love language.

Quality Time

For those whose love language is quality time, you're going to get most frustrated with a distracted partner. Communicating love through quality time demands undivided attention from your S.O. That means no watching TV, no playing on your phone—basically there should be no distractions when you're trying to have a moment with your partner.

If you can tell your partner isn't listening to you when you're trying to communicate with them, you're going to get highly annoyed. Your emotional need for closeness isn't being met, resulting in a lot of frustration that will likely lead to a disagreement with your person. You need a partner who accepts your need for undivided attention, even if they don't fully understand it.

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Acts of Service

If you speak the acts of service love language, you want a partner who shows their love, instead of just telling you about it. That means you're going to become especially angry if you feel like you're doing everything for your partner, without receiving anything in return. It's a little complicated, but bear with us. If you speak acts of service, it's probable that you're constantly looking for ways to ease your S.O.'s burdens. Helping them with their homework, bringing them breakfast because they always forget, planning a chill night so they can relax after a big game—these all fall under the acts of service category.

However, in order to feel affection, you also need actions like that in return. If you don't get help with your own responsibilities from someone you care about, annoyance and bitterness are sure to follow. It makes you feel like your S.O. doesn't really care about you, leading to a lot of anger on your part. Even if they're not doing it on purpose, you should always be on the lookout for a partner who isn't giving back what they're taking, as it's guaranteed to lead to a lot of frustration in your relationship.

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Receiving Gifts

The gifts love language is often mistaken for a sense of materialism. In reality, the actual objects matter less than the meaning behind them. They're a physical representation that your partner cares about you, and that they're putting effort into your relationship. For those who speak this love language, you're not going to be mad if you don't receive gifts from your partner on the daily. You are, however, going to be angry if you perceive a lack of effort in your relationship.

For the gift-giver, there's nothing more frustrating than routine. You believe that showing you care involves doing something different. If your partner is comfortable just taking thing as they come, you'll automatically assume they're not putting effort into your relationship. Forethought and everyday gestures are important to you, even if they don't involve a gift. Nothing will make you angrier than a partner who doesn't put energy into showing you that they care.


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Words of Affirmation

For the words of affirmation partner, compliments are one of the highest forms of affection. You value verbal expressions of love, especially those that clarify why your partner feels so deeply for you. However, you want to limit those affections to your relationship. You tend to get frustrated when your partner bestows words of affirmation on someone else, especially if they haven't been giving you the words you need.

You definitely bristle when your partner compliments other people. It's not comforting for you to feel that those verbal affirmations can exist outside of your relationship. Depending on the context, it's highly possible that your frustration will lead to full-on anger. It's not that you don't want your partner to be kind to other people. It's simply that you want certain expressions of affection and compliments to be limited to your relationship. If you feel like your partner says the same compliments to you that they do to everyone else, you're bound to get angry.

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Physical Touch

If you speak the love language of physical touch, you know that affectionate, comforting touch is the goal. A pat on the back, holding hands, a warm hug—all of these deeply communicate affection to you. Therefore, there's nothing that will make you angrier than an aloof partner. Someone who always keeps you at arm's length and fails to get close to you will frustrate you immeasurably. Not only because you'll be robbed of the emotional connection you need, but also because you'll feel that they don't want to advance your relationship. That may not be the case, but an aloof partner will result in a lot of anger for you and a few tough disagreements in your relationship.


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