Makeup Baking 101: All Your Questions Answered by MUA Kenny Screven

No, makeup baking is not putting your makeup in the oven—it's something entirely different.

Before we get into the logistics of this phenomenon, we have to look back at its history. Most of us give credit to celebs like Kim K. or any number of beauty YouTubers for introducing the general population to makeup baking—the act of applying a white, powdery residue atop the face makeup you've applied. That's what's referred to as setting or baking powder.

We spoke with celeb makeup artist, Kenny Screven, who broke down the whole process for us. Below, read on for everything you've ever wondered about makeup baking:

What Is Makeup Baking?

Makeup baking is when you apply translucent setting powder under the eye or contour area. By letting it rest atop your foundation and concealer, it slowly extracts and mobilizes the heat from your face to set and solidify your face makeup. Kenny says:

"Simply put, baking your face enhances the features on your skin. Think of your face as a canvas that's not complete without the gloss effect over top, or even gel nails without the final coat."

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Why Should You Bake?

For those of us who are makeup-obsessed (WYD if you're not,) baking is another simple step to add to your routine. It adds next to no time, yet leaves you with smoother and flawless-looking skin. If you bake properly, your eyes should appear brighter and wider, and the contours in your face should be subtly pronounced. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Kenny thinks so, too:

"Baking really smooths out the skin and adds definition and highlight to your face in all the right areas. Baking right after you apply concealer is the best time. If you wait too long, your concealer will be super dry and it won't digest into the skin as quickly."

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How Do You Bake?

Kenny filled us in on the actual process of makeup baking:

"I love to apply baking powder with a Beauty Blender—it blends into the skin seamlessly. Usually, I'll bake a few times just to make sure everything is snatched. Once I've let it sit, I'll remove it with a fluffy powder brush."

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Essentially, all you need is a setting powder (like THIS one from Laura Mercier), a Beauty Blender and a fluffy brush (like THIS one from Fenty Beauty). Once you've let the product bake for 10-15 minutes, sweep it off with a brush and voila! You've mastered the art of makeup baking.


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