Makeup Gifts to Buy for the Virgo In Your Life

As beauty lovers, we're constantly scouring the makeup scene to find out what's new and worth trying.

If you're on the hunt for a birthday present for that Virgo friend of yours, we're sure they'd absolutely love one of the beauty products we have in mind, specifically for them.

From palettes to lip products, there are so many to choose from! Keep reading for the makeup gifts to buy for the Virgo in your life:

Juno & Co. x Spongebob Bikini Bottom Bundle: $24

Since Virgos are known for being meticulous, perfectionists, what better way to shower them with love on their special day than a fun, themed gift that will help them apply their makeup just right? Juno & Co. recently launched their Spongebob collaboration, and it'perfect for your Virgo friend! The kit includes a Spongebob sponge, a Patrick sponge, two mini Gary sponges and a soap bar–all of which will ensure their foundation and concealer go on effortlessly.

spongebob juno and co

(via Juno & Co.)


Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip: $19

Virgos love to have things in perfect order, so we're willing to bet chapped lips are not on their agenda. Tarte's maracuja juicy lip balm is the perfect solution to getting velvety smooth lips. Coming in nine different shades, this three-in-one balm, gloss, color and treatment will be their new staple. Its slim fit means it can easily slide in your pocket or purse!

tarte lip gloss

(via Tarte Cosmetics)


POPbeauty Prismatic Pop Palette in Gilded Peach: $12

Palettes are a Virgo's dream. Organized and all in one place is all they need to hear before they're sold! This fun palette from POPbeauty comes in stunning peach shades. The four hues are great to use as a highlight, blush and even bronzer. Plus, since Virgos love matchy-matchy, they can pop this on their eyes for a beautiful look.

pop beauty palette

(via POPbeauty)


Ready Set Jet Sculpt and Shine Beauty Baton: $32

Marie Kondo would love this beauty baton, so we're sure your Virgo will, too! Ready Set Jet's sculpt and shine beauty baton is a multi-tasking stick. Instead of lugging around a bunch of products, this baton has a highlighter and bronzer included. Plus, they can be used on other areas like the lips, cheeks or eyes!

ready set jet stick

(via Ready Set Jet)


Pixi Beauty +C Vit Brightening Perfector: $18

When you're running low on time, sometimes the thing that has to be left undone is makeup. Virgos will obsess over Pixi's brightening perfector because it's a life saver! This product is great to use as a primer under makeup, or, it can be used solo. It essentially blends and perfects the skin, so if you're running out the door, pop this bad boy on and voila, you're done!

pixi beauty

(via Pixi Beauty)


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