9 Makeup Looks You Need to Try This Spring

Spring is practically here, and if you want to try out some fun new makeup looks, you've come to the right place for some inspo.

This spring, we're going to see tons of underpainting, cloud skin and frosted details. Feel like trying out some of the trends for yourself? Just keep scrolling to get a look at nine makeup looks you need to try this spring.

Glowy Base

Dewy looks will continue to be all the rage this spring, and there's nothing quite like pairing moisturized skin with glowy highlights as the weather warms.


Pink Everything

As much as we believe that pink never goes out of style, it'll be especially hot this spring season. Wear your favorite shade on your lips, cheeks and eyes—and try matching it with your pink ensemble for good measure.


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Simple Cut Crease

Cut creases have historically been underutilized in bold makeup looks, but we love the way people are using dark tones to really make the lids pop, and the look isn't going anywhere.


Frosted Snow Bunny

Just because it's spring and the snow is melting doesn't mean you should stop rocking snow bunny looks. It's all about that frosted, glowy shimmer and pink, blushed cheeks.


Graphic Liner

There's something so striking about bold lines and crisp detailing in eye looks. Try using different shades of similar hues to make the style really pop—and don't be afraid to use this trick to hide mistakes, either.


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Luminous Skin

Few things are more beautiful than an angelic glow that looks like it comes from within. Luminous skin looks beautiful on everyone, so don't be afraid to shine bright this season.


Frosted Eyes

Blue eyeshadow is captivating on anyone daring enough to wear it, and right now, icier green-blue tones reign supreme.


Rosy Cheeks

Don't put the blush away for the spring, because the beautifully blushed rosy cheeks look is here to stay.

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Bold Lips

For those moments you really want to stand out, skip the natural or glossy lips and go for full, vibrant color. Of course, bold red is a classic, but any color of the rainbow will do if you're trying to make a statement.


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