14 Memes That Will Make You Laugh About Your Makeup Struggles

Ah, makeup—can't live with it, can't live without it.

Whether you're practically a professional or you can't tell eyeshadow apart from blush, we all struggle with our makeup from time to time.

Looking beautiful ain't easy, but memes can make the makeup pains a little more bearable. Keep scrolling for 14 memes that will make you laugh about your makeup struggles.

1. We all need a primer:

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2. What went wrong?

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3. Lashes can make all the difference:


4. Yes, please:


5. Instant happiness:


6. We almost forgot we could look this good:


7. Well, we're certainly not wasting this look:

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8. Done:


9. Look at dem cheekbones:


10. Please be the right color:

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11. You're cancelled:


12. Okay, we might need a separate car for our stuff:

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13. We'll clean up later:

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14. But, whyyyy?

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