5 Simple Makeup Mistakes You're Probably Making—and How to Fix Them

Sadly, we weren't invited to strut our stuff on the red carpet at the Oscars—but leading up to the big event, we certainly prepped like stars.

Our pals at Nordstrom invited us to an incredible makeup demonstration, led by Charlotte Tilbury's very own Justin St. Clair. Not only did he use a live model to recreate one of Mandy Moore's most notable awards season looks, but everyone at the event was paired up with their very own makeup artist afterwards to ask any beauty questions and get a little makeover of their own.

After my makeup artist, Veronica Ruiz, completed my look below, I asked how I can do the same from my very own bathroom, and what I may be doing wrong currently. Keep reading for some simple, yet easily overlooked expert beauty pointers.


(Sorry for the close-up!)

1. Follow the Hollow When Applying Bronzer

This saying was my favorite thing to recite all night during the demonstration, and it makes perfect sense. Instead of taking a big bronzer brush and immediately circling on the cheeks with product, take CT's Powder and Sculpt brush, suck in your cheeks, and follow the hollow line with bronzer. It is then that you take the regular-sized bronzer brush and blend the line.


2. Spread Your Moisturizer, Don't Rub It In

I've always taken moisturizer and rubbed it all over my face in a circular motion. And then I notice that the hydration goes away quickly. During my informative session, I learned that you should in fact spread your product evenly throughout the face. Be careful not to pull your skin, but rather push.


3. Apply Your Concealer After Your Foundation

This one has always been a question for me and other people who conduct daily makeup routines. I learned that if you apply your concealer before your foundation, the overall look can be too cakey, so stick to dabbing it on in problem areas to complete your final look.


4. Apply Eye Cream in the Shape of Sunglasses

Eye cream: Does it go on underneath the eyes? To the side? I learned that you want to apply the product in the shape of sunglass rims, so basically the entire outline of the eyes.


5. Mix a Shimmery Primer With Your Foundation

A big complaint from people who try shimmery primers is they say the glowy effect either disappears or clumps up when a regular foundation is applied on top of it. To avoid this problem, simply apply the products together, creating a 2-in-1 formula. I've been doing this, and have noticed a greater glow throughout the day. And like the sucker for beauty I am, I couldn't resist purchasing the brand's critically acclaimed (and celeb favorite) Hollywood Flawless Filter. You can wear it by itself, mix it in with foundation or use it as highlighter to top off your final look.


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