Everyone Obsessed With Makeup Has Experienced These 14 Struggles

I have something big in common with Kylie Jenner.

No, I'm not dating a rapper, and no, I don't own more cars than I do pairs of underwear. But, like the Lip Kit ???? , I am self-admittedly reliant on makeup

I have zero shame acknowledging my addiction or taking time out of my slumber each morning to tackle my 30-minute cosmetics routine before I leave the house to get on with my day.

If you're anything like me (and our girl KJ), you'll relate to the 14 struggles below that anyone obsessed with makeup has experienced:

1. You've Broken a Compact (Leaving More Than Just Its Contents Shattered)

Hear that thud? Oh, yeah, that's not just the sound of your foundation, bronzer or highlighter compact dropping—it's also the sound of your heart. Um, yeah, dropping a compact not only leaves one of your most important products in shambles, but it's also a huge pain to clean up (fingers crossed you don't have carpeting!). We try to make the most of our treasured product's crumbled remains, but let's be honest, it's just not the same.


2. You've Lost Your Fave Lipstick After a Night Out

Heading out on date night? To your bestie's b-day extravaganza? Well, it's a given that you want your go-to lipstick on hand to stand out from the other folks in the crowd. But how much of a bummer is it that after a memorable evening, you come home only to find that you somehow misplaced your trusty shade? Why does this always happen?

Girl applying a deep shade of red lipstick

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3. You've Been Livid After Realizing You Were Given an Incorrect Store Purchase

People who work at makeup counters are busy bees (especially at places like MAC, for example). Everyone is shouting at them at once to retrieve their key products. Once you finally receive yours, you don't think twice about it and dash home to give your fresh goods a whirl. I've had nights where my entire outfit is planned around one particular lip shade, and I've come home only to find that I was given the wrong hue—and it always happens to be one I absolutely have zero interest in using. Getting back to the store is a huge schlep and you're left feeling helpless and frustrated.


4. Your Lipliner or Eyeliner Has Run Dull With No Sharpener in Sight

One of the greatest feelings with makeup is knowing you have you have a spot-on shade of lipliner to perfectly accompany a lipstick shade. You grab for it, open the cap, and—boom—it's in need of a major sharpening, with no sharpener in sight. This is almost as bad as opening that eyeliner cap to find the same issue. Note: Keep multiple sharpeners in your possession!


5. You've Forgotten to Switch Your Fave Lipstick Into Your Current Handbag

You decided to replace your clunky every-day handbag with a dainty clutch on date night. Makes perfect sense, right? But it leaves you devastated the next time you take it with you, only to realize you totally forgot to take your fave lipstick out of the clutch and put it into your go-to bag.


6. Your Lipstick Has Stained Your Handbag

We never quite know how this is done, but somehow, some way, our lipsticks always have the ability to magically uncap themselves and make their mark inside our handbags. Guess it's a good thing we can't keep that area clean anyway.


7. Your Eyeliner Has Made You Tear-Up Uncontrollably

I don't know about you, but I don't have characteristically sensitive skin or eyes, nor am I allergic to eyeliner. But yet, on certain days (and I really cannot predict when or what brands will cause this), I start tearing up uncontrollably when I apply this added touch to my eyes. It not only looks like I'm having the worst day ever, but alas, the look that I was so pleased to perfect is completely smudged.


8. You've Experienced a Severe Mishap With Your Mascara Wand

Mascara wands are like a deadly weapon. One wrong move and you can gauge your eye out (or so it feels when you accidentally jab!). But even if your wand doesn't injure you, it's definitely smeared you and messed up the work of art you've created on your eyes. We seriously need to watch out for these guys.

Step 8 apply mascara


9. Someone's Awkwardly Informed You That You Have Lipstick in Your Teeth

Oh, man. As recently as Sunday, I posed with two celebrities at an event, and as a few people were taking photos, they were quick to point out that I had a nice little smidgen of orange on my otherwise white teeth. Truly, it was just what I wanted to hear. Sadly, it was not the first time I heard it, and I'm sure it won't be the last.


10. You've Accidentally Stepped on an Open Tube of Foundation or Concealer

You just had that tube in your hand, and for the life you, you can't figure out where it went. Oh, wait, you suddenly notice a big splatter on your dress. Yep, you accidentally sat on that seemingly missing tube. Fun times!


11. You've Accidentally Dropped a Powder Brush in a Wet Sink

You're fresh from brushing your teeth, and now onto doing your makeup. One wrong move and next thing you know, your powder or bronzer brush has made its way into the remaining drips of water in the sink. No time to let the brush dry, you will just need to find a way to make it work for now. You have places to be.


12. Your Bathroom Counter Is Always in Shambles

Even on your most productive of days, all the cleaning in the world can't save your bathroom from the endless explosion of your makeup. Whether it's your products spread out everywhere or broken eyeshadow remnants sprinkled across the sink area, you always feel compelled to warn guests that they're in for a real treat when they make their way to this space.

Makeup brushes flat lay and beauty products

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13. You're Unrecognizable Without Your Eyebrows Shaded In

Whether you mircoblade your brows via tattoo, shade them in with a pencil or brush or color them with dye, you look insanely different with those close-to-bare hairs. Oh, and if you're a victim of '90s over-plucking a la me, you won't even consider leaving the house without some serious shading.

Grow your dream eyebrows


14. You've Spent Countless Minutes Agonizing Over Waterproof Mascara Frustrations

Every time someone buys me mascara or I happen to score a free tube in a gift bag, it is always, without fail, waterproof. This would be great and all if I were headed to a best friend's wedding every weekend or throwing on a tragic film daily, but on the reg, there is no need for waterproof mascara. It fools you because it goes on so smoothly and flattering that sometimes I'm willing to make the sacrifice to really get my lashes to pop. But it doesn't take long for me to realize why I despise this product so darn much. I will take a classic standard mascara, thank you very much!


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