7 Makeup Tips For Girls With Freckles

So you've got freckles–lucky you!

Freckles, also loving referred to as angel kisses, have become quite trendy in the beauty space. Heck, there are even makeup products dedicated to making fake freckles! And yes, we tried the faux freckle trend, so if you have the real deal, consider yourself #blessed.

But any freckled gal knows that standard makeup rules and tutorials don't always apply. For example, what might look fierce on others can get lost in a sea of cute brown speckles. So ahead, we've rounded up seven makeup tips for girls with freckles.

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Choose Sheer Face Makeup

Girl, let those freckles shine! These cute little marks are nothing to be  ashamed of—they add quirk, character and look so summery. Your best bet is opting for sheer face makeup, ideally a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, instead of a full coverage foundation. Depending on how dark your freckles are, they can be tricky to cover up and can leave your skin looking oddly blotchy instead of cute and freckly.

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Accentuate Freckles With a Brow Pencil

If you have faint freckles, don't shy away from playing them up with a brow pencil. There are also products that allow you to create freckles, like the brand Freck, but we think the most natural approach is using a brow or lip pencil to softly deepen the freckles on your nose and cheeks.

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Don't Go Heavy on the Bronzer

Sadly, bronzer doesn't always work well on those with freckles. Freckles are (obviously) small little dots, so when you apply a bronzer, it ends up transforming the freckles from small dots to more of a less-defined blob. This can create a muddy look, which isn't as flattering as your natural freckles—which already add pigment and flush to your face.


Look For Bronzer-Blush Hybrids

If you're itching for some cheek, try a blush-bronzer hybrid. This will give you that bronze with a little flush you're craving, without clouding up your freckles.


Opt For Concealer Over Foundation

Freckles are so darn cute, our biggest tip is skipping the foundation all together if you can. Spot concealing is a great way to let your freckles shine, and is also great for your skin in general. If you can get away without all-over makeup, do it.

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Use Your Neck to Find the Right Foundation Color

Color matching freckly babes can be tricky. Do you match the darker color of the freckle, the lighter base or somewhere in the middle? Rule of thumb: Use your neck as a guide to color match for foundation.


Use Lip Liner to Soften Lip Freckles

If you get freckles around the lip, almost creating a lip liner type of effect, use them to your advantage and softly line your lips with a nude lip pencil. This will not only add volume, it will make those lip freckles less severe.


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