MakeupByMandy24's Advice For New Freshmen!

Amanda Steele, also known as MakeupByMandy24, recently released a vlog full of fabulous back-to-school advice for incoming freshmen!makeupbymandy24 back to school freshmen

It's already back-to-school time for many teens around the world. Amanda Steele realized that many of her subscribers were nervous about the transition from middle school to high school, so she answered fan questions in a Q&A and dished out school advice!

Amanda is about to start her sophomore year of high school, so she decided to share what she learned the previous year, and wished she had known before.

Throughout the video, she dispenses advice on meeting new people and making friends, as well as the appropriate level of makeup and dress up for school. Personally, Amanda said she prefers looking put together every day, but it's really about feeling comfortable and being confident in your own skin!

She also discusses the biggest difference between high school and junior high, amazing school dances, avoiding high school drama and more!

This is just the first episode of Amanda Steele's summer series, so stay tuned for more!

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