Beauty Guru MakeupShayla Believes Everyone Can Rock THIS Lipstick Color

When it comes to serving up the fiercest makeup looks, beauty guru MakeupShayla constantly slays.

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From her eyes to her lips to that highlight, her elegant looks are our makeup inspo. And we were beyond stoked when we found out she curated Beautycon's fall box with makeup artist Angel Merino. We're seriously in love with every single product in the collection. 

Sweety High chatted with Shayla all about how she decided on which beauty products to put in the box, the skincare line she recommends and the one color of lipstick she believes everyone can rock. Keep scrolling to see if you agree!

Sweety High: What was your favorite part about collaborating with Angel Merino on Beautycon's fall box?

MakeupShayla: We pretty much like the same things, so that made it not only easy, but super fun to work with him. And the photoshoot was amazing!


SH: How did you decide on the final products that would be in the box?

MS: We picked our favorites and then came together for the final decision. We chose a lot of the same products, so it was easy deciding what to put in the box.


SH: If you could only have one product from your Beautycon box in your makeup arsenal for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

MS: The ISlay Flutter Lashes, because I designed them and I love false lashes.


SH: What's the one color of lipstick you think looks great on everyone?

MS: You can't go wrong with red.

SH: What's your favorite red lipstick?

MS: It's always changing, but right now it's a color called Red Sea by Coloured Raine. It's a deep, deep red, which is perfect for fall.


SH: What's your go-to product when it comes to applying your makeup?

MS: The beautyblender, for sure. If you don't have a beautyblender, what are you doing with your life?!


SH: Which skincare line do you swear by?

MS: Murad! I noticed a major difference in my skin almost immediately. My skin was brighter and had less dark spots. It's so good.


SH: Which one makeup product could you not live without?

MS: Jouer Lip Enhancer, which is also one of my favorite products I was able to put in the box. It's a clear lip conditioner that hydrates your lips while leaving a nice, glossy finish. I put it on all the time. I'm even putting it on as we speak!


SH: What's one beauty trend you wish would stop right this instant?

MS: People using crazy objects like knives and spoons to create makeup looks. It gets on my nerves.


SH: What's the one nail color everyone should be rocking this fall?

MS: Oh my gosh, chrome nails all the way!

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SH: What's the best beauty product for every girl who is just getting started with makeup?

MS: Mascara! If you don't wear a ton of makeup or are just trying to get into it, I feel like it's the one product that'll enhance your look without you really having to know what you're doing.


SH: Do you have a mascara brand you'd recommend?

MS: Colossal Big Shot Mascara from Maybelline. It's really, really good.


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