Mal From 'Descendants' Is So Bad She's Good Enough To Be Our #WCW

Dare we be so bold to say Descendants is one of THE best Disney movie of all time? You better believe it! It taught us that we are the only ones who can decide our future and that being good is always, well, great. Mal was the main character who opened our eyes to realizing these important life lessons and that's why she's our Woman Crush Wednesday this week. Oh, but of course there are more reasons as to why she earned the coveted title.

Mal from Descendants #WCW art

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Full Name: Maleficent Bertha

Nicknames: Mal, M

Hometown: Isle of the Lost

Favorite Emoji:?

Favorite Color: Purple (And she totally rocks it!)

Biggest Fear: Not living up to her mother's expectations

Favorite Song: "Did I Mention" by Prince Ben

Her Bae: Prince Ben (We ship it so hard!?)

Hidden Talent: Creating graffiti art

Fun Facts:

1. Mal is always looking out for her friends and constantly making sure they know how amazing they truly are. #SquadGoals

Mal and Evie from Disney's Descendants

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2. Her fashion choices are so bold and daring. We love that she isn't afraid to express her personality through her style.

3. She may have been trained in how to use dark magic, but she is also incredibly talented at using good magic. She's basically unstoppable.

4. Mal wasn't always good at sharing her feelings, but she eventually learns that it's best to be honest about your feelings to yourself and those closest to you.

5. Instead of following in her mother's footsteps of evil, she decides that she wants to be good and write her own destiny.

6. Ultimately, Mal even defeats her mother to save the kingdom of Auradon. But it's not like that's a big deal or anything. Scratch that, it's a HUGE deal!


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