Actual Proof That You Can Make Your Celeb Crush Your Bae!

You've probably all heard the news that Jake T. Austin is dating a girl who has been a mega fan of his for SIX years now and it definitely gave you hope that your celeb crush will fall madly in love with you one day. But this isn't the only example of a celeb dating one of their biggest fans, oh no. Here are just a few more examples of celebs dating fans or proclaiming that they would date a fan to give you more faith that YOU can make your celeb crush your bae.

So yes, Jake stared dating Danielle Ceasar recently and she's living the fangirl dream. She's tweeted at Jake almost every day for the past five years and now look where they are. He even shared an adorable pic on his Insta with the caption "I'm crazy for her." GOALS!!!!


Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead met his girlfriend after they were on a cruise ship together. She asked him for a picture and the rest is pretty much history. That's some serious fan fiction magic happening right there.

Joe Jonas revealed that he dated a few fans back in the Jonas Brothers heyday. He said he would usually take them to the movies and they would just hang out. We still get jealous that it wasn't us…

Kellan Lutz from Twilight made his number one fan's dreams come true by taking her to her prom back in March. This is probably the cutest thing we have ever seen.

Vine star Marcus Johns also took one of his fans to prom. Marcus said that if he got 100,000 retweets on her tweet asking him to prom, he would go with her. She succeeded and he kept his promise and we're sitting here crying over the beauty of this moment.

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While there is no actual confirmation that the 1D boys have dated any of their Directioners, the guys have stated multiple times that they would 100 percent, without a doubt date one of their fans. This is all we needed to hear.

Guess who else said they would date a fan — SHAWN MENDES! When a fan called into Ryan Seacrest to ask Shawn the golden question, he said of course he would date a fan. We are ~living~ for this information!

And of course, we can't forget to discuss 5SOS always confirming that they wouldn't want to date anyone who isn't a fan of their music.


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