5 Annoying Things We've All Experienced at the Mall

Though the internet has revolutionized how we shop, sometimes running to the mall is the easiest solution for our shopping needs.

Anyone who's ever stepped foot through the door can relate to the same irritating annoyances that happen at every mall.

Scroll down for the five annoying things we've all experienced at the mall:

1. Pushy Kiosk Vendors

Nobody wants a bedazzled phone case that breaks within the first 10 minutes of owning it. If you walk by one of these kiosks, the vendor will try to pull you over to sell you stuff you don't want. Time to bust out your power walk and speed on past.


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2. You Always Have One Too Many Items for the Dressing Room

Every store has different dressing room rules. Can you bring in six or 20 items? Why is the attendant never there? No matter how hard you try, you'll never get it right on your first try and will have to zip back and forth to trade out clothes.


3. Dodging the Perfume Samples in the Department Stores

There's a reason why you don't spray on every perfume you own each morning—it's a recipe for an instant headache. When you walk through the scent department of a store, we bet you hold up your handbag and dodge the spray samples that the salespeople aim at you.

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4. Walking by That Store Bumping Loud Music Constantly

If you need to go into one of those stores that has the music turned all the way up, be prepared to scream, "What?" any time your shopping partner talks to you.

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5. Your Arms Hurt From Lugging Tons of Bags Around

We know, we really have no place to complain about this one, but, carrying around heavy bags as you purchase more stuff really adds up! There's nothing more satisfying than dumping all your bundles the second you get back home and feeling the blood return to your arms.

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Though the mall has its issues, we can't help but love it. Take THIS quiz to see if we can guess your favorite store.