Definitive Ranking of the 10 Most Common Food Court Staples at Every Mall

Not all mall food is created equal.

Though you likely have plenty of fast-food chains and other restaurants to choose from when you head to your local mall, some are certainly better than others. Scro

ll down for our definitive ranking of the 10 most common food court staples at every mall!

10. Sbarro

If you're craving a slice of pizza during your jaunt to the mall, Sbarro is likely your only choice. It's not that the pies are bad, per se, but don't expect any inventive toppings, healthy options or distinct flavor. Sbarro is simple at best.


9. Hot Dog on a Stick

Like Sbarro, Hot Dog on a Stick is a what you see is what you get kind of deal, and the restaurant's name pretty much says it all. Though you can get some tasty fries and decent mozzarella sticks (AKA cheese on a stick) here, the breaded hot dogs are the main attraction. On the plus side, they can be eaten on-the-go, meaning you can make the most of your time at the mall.


8. Subway

There's certainly nothing wrong with Subway (hello, endless sandwich options!), but let's be honest—since there are tons of Subway restaurants across the country, you can basically indulge your sandwich cravings whenever you want. Feast on something a bit more special when you head to the mall.

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7. Panda Express

It's hard to find a mall without a Panda Express, and there's a reason for it. Though the Chinese food isn't the best in the biz, it's always reliable. What's more? There are plenty of options to choose from that will fill you up without breaking the bank.


6. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Not only does Chipotle offer an array of tasty Mexican options made with all fresh ingredients, but the fast-food chain is one of the few mall staples that caters to specific diets, including paleo and Whole 30. If you're headed to the mall with a picky bunch, this is likely your best bet.


5. Jamba Juice

Despite its name, this mall staple now sells way more than juice. These days, Jamba Juice's menu includes trendy toasts, bowls, egg wraps and more, making it a go-to option if you're in the market for a healthy snack while you browse the racks at Target.

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4. Cinnabon

It's hard to resist the smell of this mall staple, and if you're in the mood to share a sweet treat, the icing-packed confections from Cinnabon are second to none. Sure, the offerings are a tad large and there isn't much variety to speak off aside from a classic roll vs. a BonBite, but Cinnabon never disappoints.


3. Auntie Anne's

Don't know if you're in a sweet or savory mood? Auntie Anne's has got you covered! The chain's original or pepperoni pretzels rule the savory front, while the cinnamon sugar pretzel is a sweet favorite. Additionally, all pretzels are served warm, increasing the delicious factor by at least 20%, and the pretzel nuggets with a variety of dipping sauces are great to share with pals. Sneak 'em into a movie and your day is made.


2. Mrs. Fields

Like Cinnabon, Mrs. Fields is a mall standby with a focus on delicious sweets. Unlike Cinnabon, Mrs. Fields provides a variety of cookies and similar treats that can be eaten without spoiling your appetite for the rest of the day. For a mall snack that's practically impossible to turn down, grab a cookie (or two) fresh from the oven. You can thank us later.

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1. Chick-fil-A

This fast-food chain has a cult following for a reason—it's really, really good. Not only are the chicken-forward offerings (of which there are many standout options, including the spicy chicken sandwich) flavorful and well-priced, there's plenty more to choose from, too. Grab some fries, a milkshake, or whatever else your heart desires before you shop 'til you drop at the mall.


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