Mallory James Mahoney Teases Destiny's Future in Bunk'd Season 5

With the return of Bunk'on the Disney Channel for its fifth season last week, we were reunited with some of our favorite characters on TV.

That includes Mallory James Mahoney's Destiny Baker, who, despite being a self-absorbed and vain beauty pageant regular, also has a soft side that quickly endeared her to our hearts. Destiny grew a lot in the show's fourth season, and we got the chance to ask Mallory all about everything we can look forward to in Season 5.

Sweety High: How excited are you to be back in Bunk'd for another season? How do you feel you've grown as an actor since you started on the show?

Mallory James Mahoney: I'm so excited to be back filming another season of Bunk'd! I feel like I've totally grown as an actor since I started on our show. Bunk'd is my first multi-cam show. I loved having to learn all the different cameras and what camera is my shot for each scene. I also had to grow to understand the "Disney Rhythm." Every show has a pace, but Disney shows tend to have a special fast rhythm. I also feel like I've become more confident in taking risks with my character development.


SH: Anything you can tease about this season?

MJM: My character Destiny may or may not get stuck in a vending machine! Destiny also teaches someone else the world of baton twirling.


SH: In what ways are you most similar to your character, Destiny? In what ways are you the most different?

MJM: I'm very similar to Destiny in the way we both are passionate about the environment. We also would both do anything to help a friend in need. How we are different is I have never been in a beauty pageant. Destiny's hair is also on point. I tend to rock a messy bun a lot.


SH: What role do you typically play in a friend group?

MJM: I'm not sure—I guess I tend to be the responsible one. I'm the one who plans things out and organizes our activities.


SH: Have you ever been to a summer camp?

MJM: No, I've never been to summer camp. I think it would be amazing to go. I feel like my favorite activity would be arts and crafts. I love being creative.


SH: What's the most valuable life lesson you've learned during your time on the show?

MJM: To be flexible! With time, script, COVID safety rules and really all things. Because this business is always changing and something may work today, but not tomorrow.


SH: How was filming for this season different from the past?

MJM: The filming of Season 5 is very different from previous seasons. We get COVID tested at least 3 times a week. Everyone has to wear masks and shields on stage. We wear them right up until the director calls action and put them right back on as soon as we cut every scene. We do table reads from our dressing rooms on Zoom. We do school from our dressing rooms as well on Zoom. This year is definitely challenging since our cast is super close and we can't hug! We still always try to find the fun in it all and get creative in ways to be together and still be safe.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

MJM: I'm so excited for everyone to see Season 5 and meet our new cast member! Also, to see how all of our characters have evolved.


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