Mamamoo Talks Excitement for Their First American Tour and Meeting Their U.S. Moomoo

Mamamoo are some of the fastest-growing stars in K-pop, and in less than a week, the sensations are set to make their American debut on the U.S. leg of their first-ever World Tour, "MY CON."

The quartet recently returned from a sold-out Asia World Tour across Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, but the magic is only getting started. The nine-date U.S. tour kicks off on May 16 in New York City before wrapping up on the other side of the country in Los Angeles on June 4, and it seems the four are just as excited to come to the States and meet their U.S. Moomoo fandom as we are to see them. Ahead of the tour, we got the chance to chat with the icons about the tour and what it means to them to be coming to America. Read the full interview below.

Sweety High: What does the name "MY CON" mean to the group? Why did that feel like the perfect name for this tour?

MAMAMOO: "MY CON" is where Mamamoo and Moomoo become one, so it truly means it's everyone's concert. It allows us to cherish the precious moments when we get together with our dear Moomoo.

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SH: How excited are you to tour in the U.S. for the very first time?

SOLAR: I'm very anxious but also excited. I recently heard that our pre-sale tickets were sold out. It made me feel apologetic to all the Moomoo who have waited for so long, and it also got me determined to put my all into this tour. I'm also curious about what the U.S. Moomoo will be like, how they will react and how they will enjoy our stage. I'm honestly looking forward to everything.

HWA SA: I'm so nervous wondering what the U.S. Moomoo will be like. In general, just thinking about the tour gives me butterflies.


SH: Are there any songs that you're most looking forward to performing for your American audience?

MOON BYUL: Honestly, I would love to show every stage possible. We haven't performed much for U.S. Moomoo so far, so we'd love to show them everything we have.

WHEE IN: I would love to show as much as we can. But if I had to choose, I would like to perform our title songs since they're fun songs we can all dance to.


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SH: Is there a specific type of energy you're anticipating from American MooMoos that might be different from your fans elsewhere?

SOLAR: I'm really looking forward to how fun it'll be, bonding with U.S. Moomoo through our performances.


SH: Is there one American city you're most excited to visit? Is there anything big outside of your performances that you plan to do while you're in the U.S.?

WHEE IN: It's so difficult to choose, and truly, every city is a place I've been longing to visit. Besides performing, I'd love to enjoy the scenery and take some nice, quiet walks around the neighborhood!

HWA SA: I'm looking forward to L.A., and I'm curious about Las Vegas as well. But honestly, I would love to visit any city.

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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

SOLAR: Thank you for waiting! Hey Moomoo legggggggo❤

MOON BYUL: As we're finally keeping our promise—that we'll go wherever our Moomoo are—we are so happy and excited to go on this tour! Let's make lots of wonderful memories!

WHEE IN: It's been a long time since our last visit to the States. Thank you so much for waiting and for your sustained anticipation.

HWA SA: Since this is our first tour in the States, we were all very nervous and even slightly worried about Moomoo turnout. But now, we're just purely excited, and we'll be there super soon!


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Check out the full "MY CON" tour schedule below:

  • May 16 – New York, New York
  • May 18 – Baltimore, Maryland
  • May 20 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • May 22 – Nashville, Tennessee
  • May 24 – Fort Worth, Texas
  • May 27 – Chicago, Illinois
  • May 31 – Glendale, Arizona
  • June 2 – Oakland, California
  • June 4 – Los Angeles, California


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