MAMAMOO's Whee In Discusses Her Solo Mini-Album, Whee

Last month, South Korean singer Whee In of MAMAMOO fame released her long-awaited second solo mini-album, Whee.

It didn't take long for its title track, "Make Me Happy," to gain over 14 million views on YouTube and win its first music show trophy on South Korea's M Countdown. It's safe to say that the mini-album has been a hit, and we were honored to have a chat with the successful singer about her new EP and the inspiration behind the music.

Sweety High: Were there any emotions you were feeling that affected the moods of these songs? What feelings do you want your fans to feel from this release? 

Whee In: This album is filled with positive vibes because the meaning behind the album is about finding my inner light and characteristics that were dimming. I hope the power from this album can be delivered to my fans as well.


SH: What was the reasoning behind the title WHEE

Whee In: "Whee" from my name, Whee In, means shine or sparkle. The Whee album literally represents myself.

Whee In blue butterfly photo

(Photo Credit: THE L1VE)


SH: Do you feel like there's a theme connecting the songs?

Whee In: Yes, the overall theme represents my identity and value.


SH: What do you think was the most memorable moment from recording these songs?

Whee In: It was my first time working with Ravi. He discovered a whole new level of my strengths and charms and was able to include them all in this album.

Whee in under flowing linen

(Photo Credit: THE L1VE)


SH: How is this mini-album different to what you've released in the past? Do you feel like you're moving in a new direction musically?

Whee In: I am continuing to try different genres all the time. For this album, I think the main focus is solely on myself.


SH: When do you feel the most connected to your fans? 

Whee In: I think as the artist Whee In, I feel most connected when I perform in front of many fans. Other than that, as the person Jung Wheein, I feel a true connection through small talks with fans.

Whee in Pink concept photo

(Photo Credit: THE L1VE)


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