Show Off Your Vacay In Mammoth With These Instagram Captions

If you're going on a family vacation to Mammoth Mountain, we are extremely jealous!

During the winter months, the snow is pure powder and great to ski and snowboard on. Whether you're sledding, building a snowman or hanging out inside the lodge with a book and a hot cup of cocoa, Mammoth is one special place you're very lucky to do it in! Feel like showing off your favorite pics? Look below for some Instagram caption ideas for all your pictures in Mammoth.

For when you're skiing down the mountain:

"Instead of moving mountains, let the mountains move you."



For when you're hiking up to a high spot to go sledding down:

"The harder the climb, the better the view."



For when you take a picture from the ski lift:

"Take me to the mountains."



For when you show off the view from your room:

"Over the mountains and through the woods."



For when you're at the top of the mountain:

"I've peaked."



For when you're showing off your cute snow outfit:

"The mountains are calling…"



For when you're covered in snow from head to toe:

"The best view comes after the hardest climb."



For when you're skiing or snowboarding:

"Powder to the people."



For when you're giving the camera sass:

"A little more altitude, a little less attitude."



For when you're breathing in the fresh mountain air:

"Fresh air, don't care."



For when you're making a snow angel:

"The snow must go on."



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