Jake Short Is The Man Crush Monday Of Our Dreams

We've been crushing on the adorable Jake Short so hard ever since he played the role of Fletcher Quimby on the Disney Channel Show A.N.T. Farm, and the role of Oliver on the Disney XD show, Mighty Med. He's a talented actor, musician, and some might even say comedian, and it only makes total since that we give him the title of our Man Crush Monday this week!

Jake Short as Man Crush Monday


Full Name: Jacob Short

Age: 18

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Disney Movie: Tarzan

Favorite Type Of Music: R&B

Fun Facts: 

1. Jake moved to Los Angeles at the age of nine to pursue acting. He started working for Disney at age twelve. We're SO glad he did!

2. He's a talented singer, and was a part of the all kids singing group Counting Dayz.

3. ALSO, he sang on the "Kidz Bop 13" album with Ross Lynch. How cool is that?!

4. Jake's new Disney XD show, Lab Rats: Elite Force, aired for the first time over a week ago! It's a spin off of Lab Rats and Mighty Med. We ❤️ his cautious but totally cute character Oliver.

Lab Rats: Elite Force Poster

(via m-magazine.com)

5. In 2012, Jake won the 2012 Kid's Choice Award for Favorite TV Actor for his role as Fletcher Quimby on A.N.T. Farm. So proud!

6. Jake is SUPER active. He loves soccer, basketball, martial arts, and snowboarding.

Jake Short Snowboarding

(via Instagram)

7.  Jake and his bestie Bradley Steven Perry are total pranksters and had a blast playing pranks on each other during the filming of Mighty Med. Sneaky boys.



Want to know more about Jake's new show Lab Rats: Elite Force? Well, we spoke to his co-star Kelli Berglund and she filled us in on what we can expect this first season! Check it out HERE.