This Man Used a Giraffe to Plan the Perfect Proposal for His Girlfriend

The perfect marriage proposal is quite a tall order.

Thankfully, a man in Missouri found a way to reach new heights (literally) when he asked his girlfriend to marry him—he used a giraffe!

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Cody Hall knows that his now-fiancée Makayla's favorite animal is a giraffe, so when he was planning his proposal he wanted to incorporate the towering animal.

He set his plan into motion by contacting the Dickerson Park Zoo in Missouri. After explaining his idea, the zoo officials helped Cody plan out the perfect way to propose.

Earlier this week, Makayla and Cody arrived at the zoo for a special behind-the-scenes tour. Little did Makayla know, their tour included an engagement ring.

When the couple arrived at the giraffe enclosure, Makayla was given a branch of leaves to feed the leggy creature. But when the giraffe came closer, Makayla noticed a sparkling ring hanging on the lanyard around its neck.

Needless to say, Makayla said yes to Cody's inventive proposal. But they might need to plan on an outdoor wedding, as the giraffe is expecting an invitation.

Click HERE to see footage of Cody's unique proposal.


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