Mane Addicts Dubs Emma Chamberlain as Their Latest 'Mane Muse'

Gen Z queen, icon, entrepreneur, YouTube sensation, creative director and downright lovable human Emma Chamberlain, was just named Mane Addicts' latest "Mane Muse."

So, what exactly is a "Mane Muse," you might be wondering? Essentially, they're a trailblazer in the Gen Z community—someone with deep connections and influence. Past muses have included Addison Rae, Zendaya and Sabrina Carpenter, just to name a few. It's safe to say Emma is in good company, and we wanted to know her thoughts on being Mane Addicts' latest Mane Muse.

We had the pleasure of not only chatting with Emma Chamberlain, but also the founder of Mane Addicts, Jen Atkin. Keep scrolling to see what they both had to say!

Sweety High: How do you go about choosing a Mane Muse? What characteristics do you look for?

Jen Atkin: Our mission around Mane Muse is to showcase all that makes our Muse 'Muse-worthy', encompassing content, storytelling and inspiration. With that, when we decide who we want to pitch we take this into account first and foremost. In addition to that, we are drawn to talent who are at the forefront of their respective field, someone who continues to push the envelope and is always authentically themselves.


SH: What drew you to Emma Chamberlain?

JA: Emma is a badass, plain and simple! I have always been a huge fan of her content and who she is as a person, so being able to collaborate with her as our first Mane Muse of 2021 has been really exciting for me and the company and really sets the bar for where we will go next.


SH: How do you feel about being a Mane Muse?

Emma Chamberlain: To me, being a Mane Muse is not about what hairstyle you have, whether you are wearing a wig or going all natural—it's about wearing whatever it may be with confidence. Muses always seem effortless and almost aloof. They don't care what anyone thinks. They are poised and content with themselves. They could rock any hairstyle or rock no hairstyle if they wanted to. It's badass. That's how I'm trying to be.


SH: Why do you think Gen Z connects with Emma?

JA: I think she is authentically herself, which resonates with every audience, but especially the younger Gen Z audience. They want someone to look up to, that they can relate to on many levels, and someone that pushes the envelope and isn't afraid to be who she is, and that is Emma.


SH: What are three of your ride-or-die beauty products?

EC: Ouai dry shampoo ($24). I avoid washing my hair and try to only do it a few times per week, and this product keeps my hair looking presentable even when it hasn't been washed in days. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Bad habit total reboot AHA/BHA exfoliator ($28). I never realized how important exfoliating your skin was until this year, it helps get rid of the junk on your face and gives you the best glow. I use this product a few times a week and it is a game-changer.

Kosas tinted face oil ($42). I talk about this product way too much but it changed my life. It's a light and hydrating foundation that makes your skin feel amazing.


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