Marchon Eyewear Is THE Place to Get Designer Glasses

I've had the same pair of Givenchy reading glasses for five years.

I tried out contacts and hated them, which is why I wear my glasses pretty much every day—for when I'm on my computer, reading or watching TV. And while I love my glasses, I've gotten tired of wearing the same style for so long. So, when the team over at Marchon Eyewear asked if I'd like to get a new pair of designer glasses, I pretty much squealed with joy. Look below to find out more about Marchon, my experience with the glasses I chose and to find out if the brand is worth it.

The Brand

Marchon is an eyewear company with a specific selection of carefully chosen designer reading glasses and sunglasses. With designers inlcuding Karl Lagerfeld, MCM, Ferragamo and more, there are tons of high-end styles to choose from. I went with a pair from Ferragamo because I'm a big fan of the brand and was curious to find out about their eyewear. And when my package arrived in the mail, I couldn't wait to see what was inside.


(via Marchon)


The Glasses

Style SF2893

The shipping process was seamless—the glasses came within days and were clad in a sleek black case. I went with the SF2893 style in tortoise and I couldn't be happier with my decision. My previous glasses were black, so I figured it was time to switch things up a bit. When I held the glasses in my hands, I could tell they were made with superior quality. The frame felt indestructible and like it could handle everyday sort of wear and tear.


(via Marchon)

The shape of the glasses is rectangular and ended up looking great on my small, round face. Crafted from acetate, the frame both felt and looked sturdy and high-end. And when I put them on, I loved how they fit perfectly atop my nose. They weren't too heavy and the thick sides made for an appealing touch.


(via Marchon)

After I decided I was happy with my choice, I made an eye appointment to get my eyes re-checked and turned in the glasses with my new prescription. I'm hoping I'll get them back any day and can't wait to wear them regularly. I opted to go with my prescription plus a blue-light defense since I pretty much live in front of my laptop.


Bottom Line

I'm so happy with my Ferragamo glasses from Marchon. The company is professional and only has the best of the best when it comes to designers, products and quality. If you're anything like me and wear your glasses every day, I definitely recommend investing in a pair from Marchon. You won'regret it!


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