Marcus & Martinus' 'Like It Like It' Is Going to Be Your Summer Party Anthem

If Marcus & Martinus aren't already on your radar, they're about to be.

The talented twins from Norway are taking over the world with their catchy tracks, and their newest song, "Like It Like It" featuring Silentó is an undeniable hit. Listen here!

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Names: Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen

Age: 15

Song: "Like It Like It" ft. Silentó

What it means: "We're just hanging out with friends and having fun at a party! It's about finding the right girl."

The process of making "Like It Like It": "The song was made in Sweden, recorded in Denmark, filmed in the US and had its release party in Norway, so we have had quite the journey with it. The music video was filmed in LA in April and we really enjoyed working with Silentò. It was so great to get to get know everyone that was in the video. Hopefully we'll get the chance to go back to LA soon."

Biggest musical goal: "Having a world tour is a big goal for us!"

Dream collab: 

Martinus: "I would like to work with either Sean Paul, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande or Jason Derulo."

Marcus: "Yes, Jason Derulo. His music is not that different from ours."

Current favorite songs:

Martinus: "'Attention' by Charlie Puth, but also 'Hunter' by Galantis and 'Company' by Justin Bieber"

Marcus: "Right now, 'Humble' by Kendrick Lamar. We listen to a lot of very different music, all the time. And of course our song 'Like It Like It'!"

Dream concert location:

Martinus: "Germany"

Marcus: "Maybe somewhere in the US!"

When they realized they wanted to be artists: 

Marcus: We always dreamed of being professional soccer players, but after we won the Melodi Grand Prix Junior national singing contest we started thinking that singing might be something we could do.

Martinus: We really enjoyed playing concerts and wanted to do more of that. After a while, we decided that we really wanted to become artists.



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