Everything You Wanted to Know About R&B Singer-Songwriter Mariah the Scientist

Singer-songwriter Mariah the Scientist has one of the most fascinating stories in music at the moment, and we can't get enough of her melodic and profound tracks.

Mariah was actually a biology major, attending St. John's University on a scholarship, before dropping out to pursue her music career. We think this time, the leap of faith was definitely worth it. She's an incredible artist, and here's everything we learned about her as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Mariah the Scientist Woman Crush Wednesday article

(via @mariahthescientist)

Name: Mariah Buckles

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Birthday: October 27

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Fun Facts

1. Mariah collects flower vases.

2. She's definitely a night owl, preferring nighttime because there are fewer interruptions.

3. There are two things that never fail to make her smile…

"Coming home to my dog after traveling for a while or receiving flowers."

-Mariah the Scientist

4. Outkast just might be her favorite music group of all time.

5. She says her biggest character quirk is that she's a serial literalist.

"I can't take a joke and I don't know how to make jokes at others' expense."

-Mariah the Scientist

6. She doesn't watch much TV, and is way more into films.

7. In three words, she'd describe herself as a "total knock out"!

"I pride myself on being the best version of myself, inside and out."

-Mariah the Scientist

8. She says that for the longest time, no one knew that she made music.

"Now it's reversed, and having a true affinity for science has become unbelievable about me, apparently."

-Mariah the Scientist

9. She's probably seen ATL or Maid in Manhattan more times than any other movies.

10. Her dream vacation would either be to Kauai, Hawaii or Mauritius.

11. There's one thing that Mariah does daily to acknowledge where she came from.

"Thanking God every day for the opportunity to be blessed and the opportunity to be a blessing to others."

-Mariah the Scientist


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